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I am having a bit of a brain meltdown, so please pardon my stupidity if this is an easy one.  I have an approval workflow, in which i want a document saved from a template which is taking its answers from a NWC form.  I have the generate document action, which stores the file in a collection but from there i am trying to save the file somewhere (have tried a SP doc library and google drive) but get a JSON error message.  I then tried to send the file via email to myself and all i got was a note saying that i have used some of my allocation for doc gen.  Am i doing something stupid?  Does the file get saved somewhere, and do i need to use the sav


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@thomaslarkin Most places you store files will require a file variable, so you will need to get the file out of the collection either using a get item from collection or a for each loop. In terms of sending it via an email, you can use the collection variable in the attachments section of the email and it will send all files. If you got a usage message you may need to confirm which variable you used in the email action.


hi @leighburke i have stored the file variable and i believe i have went through the steps as shown below, it must be creating the file somewhere but i am not sure i am doing the last step correctly.  




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@thomaslarkin You could log the value of the file variable in a log to instance action and it should help you find the file and confirm you are passing one. If you get an error then I would raise with support and they should be able with the error.