Customizing the Form Plugin - 4 Column grid with Sorting

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Hi @SeeDee 


The 4 Column grid with Sorting is a great start. 
Is there going to be an updated version of this Grid Plugin
Is there any plans to improve the plugin in the next release (current release is ver 1.1)


The plugin does comes with several limitations.

  1. Need to increase the Data size to 20k from 2k characters
  2. Shorten the “ColumnHeader1” - This uses up data string length (in Item #1).
    Suggest “Col1”, “Col2” etc
  3. Enable the Grid Plugin to have Pagination features.
    Add → pagination: true,  (default of 10 items per page)


  4. Enable the Grid Plugin to have Search features

Will this form plugin feature be extended to O365 New Responsive Form?

Hope to hear updates about the Form Plugins

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Hi @Garrett 


I cannot say for this plugin as I am not the developer however there are other plugins like this rolling around, I have one that should be going into the gallery soon that will add more dynamic columns and consume any json or even specifically Nintex Sharepoint repeating section XML. 

the idea of pagination and search didn’t cross my mind but it certainly isn’t out of the question. 

Most of the plugins that will be developed by Nintex employees for the gallery will be done as a means of inspiration for those who use it, as it is code you can take and improve you are welcome to make any modifications you see fit. 

you can always reach out if you have any questions. 

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@Garrett oh and sorry I forgot to answer your question on expanding this into 365, at the moment it is up for review, I personally would love to see it however efforts with the 365 forms app are to convert it into SFPX at this time, after that, who knows, I will be fighting for it.

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Hi @Jake 

Great to hear that more plugins are being developed. Looking forward to all the new plugins