Custom Sharepoint List Query

  • 26 October 2022
  • 1 reply

I am trying to generate documents for users hired after a certain date plus the ability to include specific users. Users are stored in a Sharepoint list. My base form includes a date field, plus a repeating section with a data lookup field to select users.


In traditional SQL, I would just use "SELECT * FROM users WHERE date<[datefield] AND user_id IN (id1, id2, ...)" to get all of these results in a single stack.


How can I recreate this type of functionality using NWC and Sharepoint Lists so that I have a single collection to DocGen. Every design pattern I think of hits a dead-end (lack of two-dimensional arrays and the ability to merge collections of Sharepoint items...).

1 reply

I hacked my own workaround. I'm not in love with the solution, but basically I created a list template from my original list and generate a temporary list each time with the data I need.