Creating Workflow that pauses for 91 days from a particular date

  • 10 May 2022
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I am trying to create a workflow that can wait 91 days (13 weeks) from a specific date entered onto a Nintex Form. I know how to use the pause function but that would wait 91 days from when the workflow is first executed. I am assuming I will need to do some kind of calculation but I was hoping someone could help walk me through this a bit.


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Hello @Jamreed 


It depends on how you want to approach this, but you can either pause for a duration or pause until a date. If you know or can calculate the date that you need to have the workflow continue, pause until date is the better approach. However, if you want to pause for 13 weeks from the time the action is executed (and don't want to calculate the date) then pause for duration would suffice.


In either case, the pause will not start until the action is executed within the workflow, not as soon as it is started. Meaning that any actions before the pause will execute as normal.


Here are links to the actions in case you want to see more about them:

Pause for duration 

Pause until date