Assign a task to multiple users [Error Code: IO.AsyncActionExecute.ErrorResponse]

  • 12 January 2022
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I'm sending a multi task to two people. One send variable is a 'people' type and the other is a text string. It seems to be failing on the text variable that contains a correct company email address. 


Failed to initiate task [Error Code: IO.AsyncActionExecute.ErrorResponse]


Does the task require only people type vars to send to? Do they need to somehow resolve?




4 replies

Hi Jomo - I'm getting exactly the same error.


In my workflow, I'm using a variable to choose between 2 email addresses, then I assign that email address to a task.


Did you ever find a solution to your issue?



Hi Jomo


The issue for me was that I was using AD to select the person who should be assigned the task. This person often wasn't registered as a Nintex Workflow Cloud user. 


My solution (until we find a better one), is to replace the 'assign a task' step with an email containing a link to a new workflow. When the person is asked to log in to this second workflow, they're created as a Nintex Workflow Cloud User.


I pass any relevant data from the previous workflow over as querystring parameters, including the previous workflow's instance ID, so I can relate the data when I save it to the database.



The real solution to my issue was to set up a [User Directory Lookup] connection in [Settings]. 


This way NWC can authenticate assigned tasks to AD users, rather than requiring them to be listed within [Settings > User Management]. Usually NWC users were previously only registered on logging into a form, but this removes that requirement, meaning you can [Assign a Task] to anyone, whether they've previously logged into a NWC form or not.

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Any luck with this issue, as I have seen this coming up today, 

My approve is from a sharepoint list. 

Please advise?