Approval history for a workflow - Extract all history for a given workflow

  • 14 December 2022
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We are migrating to Nintex Online.  My understanding is we cannot migrate workflow history from on-prem to Nintex/SharePoint online.  We need an audit history of all on-prem workflow approvals (through flexitasks etc) generated by Nintex.  Is there a report available for this?  We can’t be the only organization requiring this.

4 replies

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Spo list: Create a multi line rich text field.

NAC: Create a variable and add a create string and use it throughout stages of the workflow. We update list item each time we add to string. We do this all the time and then show it on a nintex 365 form for our lists in SPO.


Tips: do an action set and call it history, add format date field and use context details date and time, you can format date to ouput without the time if needed but use the time when grabbing the date to format to avoid time zone issues....add a string. Add an update list item. 

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Here is an example of ours. 


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HI @brandiwoodson,


First thanks for the solution provided. This is great for current “going forward” workflows.   

However, my scenario is that we’ve had workflows running on premise for many years.  Now we are migrating those workflows to Nintex online and can’t migrate the approval history.  We need to extract all the approvals over the past many years for audit purposes.  So if someone asks “Hey, who approved this document back in 2019?” we have that answer ;-)


Thanks again!

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Ah. I assume y'all just checked the list item or library item workflow section to see the tasks that went out vs capturing that in a person field and date field in the list itself?


That will be tricky. I'm curious how to do this myself.... don't think its possible unless the workflow tasks can be migrated to your SPO environment to retain all the old tasks that went out along with all the associated lists and libraries that generated the tasks.