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Upgrading Nintex Docgen from 9.55 to 16.2.1

Are there any gotchas when upgrading from 9.55 to 16.2.1? We have a tab called LOOP which I think has been scrubbed/replaced. We are in the process of migrating to Lightning. Thank you!

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Best Practice: Updating DDP COMPLEX Component & Component Groups

I have a DDP in Sandbox and Production. They contain 270+ components with specific logic for each component.Production is the most current due to small language tweaks.I need to make modifications to ...

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Conditional Content: Quote Merge Fields and Custom Related List

This is a really wonky two-part Word document requirement. 1. I created a row table to display a custom related list. If there is no data to display, I don't want the empty/blank table to display. How...

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Step 4 DocuSign Recipients Username

What goes in this prompt? I have spent an hour reviewing DL documentation, logged a case, spoke with a DL rep and can't find/get the answer. It appears to be a one-time setup.Any help is so greatly ap...

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Error: Problem with your permissions or the DDP setup

Has anyone come across this error when trying to generate a DDP document? Nintex is researching it, but an answer isn't readily available yet.An error has occurred. There may be a problem with your pe...

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Referencing Salesforce Attachments/Files in a Document

Is it possible to reference Salesforce Attachments/Files and file types in a Drawloop document? For Example: Account | Attachments (or Files) Service Agreement PDF Parts PDF Certificate...

In Nintex for Salesforce
  • Posted by JackieT
  • | February 26, 2020 11:24
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