Zendesk in Workflows - Can we set the requestor?

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While Im not new to Nintex, I am new to using Zendesk with it. I am trying to get to some fields in order to recreate Zendesk ticket builds and get our team out of Zapier. Im noticing that some Zendesk fields that they are hitting in Zapier are not available in the Nintex Zendesk Action but the most confusing is the ‘Requestor’ field. I am trying to make sure that I submit the form and create the ticket based on the request coming from that user and not the user who authorized the Zendesk connector.

Any Zendesk/Nintex pros around to help me out?


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Hi @ezMarkC,

this is just the way the developers chose to implement the Zendesk connector.

Looking at the Zendesk API, it seems it is possible to specify the Requestor, but that functionality will have to be achieved with a custom Xtension,

please see: on how to create your own Xtensions.

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Thanks for the confirmation. While I would have liked to find a bit more flexibility, knowing this will help me spend my time on an Xtension solution vs hunting down something that doesnt exist.


Appreciate it!