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Using Call Web Service Action In Quick Succession ...

I have encountered a strange error… In a UDA, using the Call Web Service action with the method “StartWorkflowOnList”, I have found that if the...

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Best Practice Question – Tracking Multiple Item St...

This is a general best practice question for people who have been around the block a few times with Nintex Workflow for SharePoint (on prem, thou...

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The Big Event: A Closer Look At Nintex Form Events...

Intro The topic of the Nintex Form Events has been covered before, most notably in the document located here: https://community.nintex.c...

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Breaking The Rules: A Dive Into The Nintex Forms R...

- Introduction - I have been wanting to make this blog post for a little while, and even though (due to time constraints) it probably wi...

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Nintex Workflow - Build String Action Inserting No...

This doesn't really deserve an entire blog post about, but I figured I would make something here as a small reminder to check the tiny things wh...

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Repeating Section Nightmare

I added a repeating section with new designer via nintex form. Now i'm trying to use a workflow to write the information entered into this section in...

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Javascript write to item

Hi, Odd issue I'm facing. I have a form that has a RTF control called Board Update. In this control a user will write text. I then have a secon...

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Dynamically Grow Panel Size based on content

This question is specific to Nintex Workflow for SharePoint 2013. I have created a JavaScript solution that will display and allow document a...

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Request Data Action - Store Attachment

I'm creating a workflow using Nintex 2013 on SharePoint 2013. I'm trying to use the 'Request Data' Action to have the user submit a flight itinerary ...

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Nintex Form does not resize with repeating section...

I am experiencing strange behavior in a repeating section. For some reason my form isn't expanding when I use a date control in my repeating section ...

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