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Workflow Status Column not Showing in List

I have inherited a list that had ~9 workflows. Many were not active. The only active wf for new items (#9) does not appear in the list. I have re...

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Retreive workflow task approval URL

Nintex Community, When a flexi-task is assigned, what is the best way to extract the task 'approval url' when not using emails? I have a list ...

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Flexitask Email not Received by Users

I have a workflow that supports two types of similar activities, in this example Type A and Type B. The first step of the state machine is to add...

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Error on Flexi Task, Subquery returned more than 1...

Hi Everyone. Josh from Florida. I have seen others posts about this issue but no real resolution. I have a workflow that can be started for b...

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Regular expression Help- I need to remove i:0#.w|

I need to remove: i:0#.w| from i:0#.w|federated\l035269. I have tried to figure it out on my own but it is not panning out. I want my result t...

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  • September 16, 2016  09:51
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