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Just looking to get some information around how to manage users and authenitcation.  I have read the instructions on how configure the identity foundation for SAML and Azure AD Configure single sign-on with Azure Active Directory ( but just wanting to clarify what the difference is?  And does this change how user management is maintained.  The scenario i am trying to address is how to onboard new users from our enterprise into the system - we have over 10000 users in our AD and i want each one to be a NWC user so that they are authenticated when logging in but having to manually add each person individually would be a mammoth task (something for RPA i am sure).  We currently have SAML setup but each user requires to be added, would that be different using Azure AD as the identity foundation?


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Hi @thomaslarkin ,

I manage an NWC tenancy which has a custom SAML provider configured for authentication.

This SAML identity federation is also configured for auto-acceleration.


We also have user directory lookup configured against Azure Active Directory. The user lookup is used for resolving user accounts against assign a task action and the people control on forms.


We do not have to manually import any users, the first time a user signs in and is authenticated by the SAML IDP they will be added as a participant. At that point they are sent a welcome to NWC email.


In the March release they have made a change which disabled sending the welcome email by default and on the configured identity federation page you can switch that on or off.

User management (


You should be able to configure your environment so that you do not need to manually add users.

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the first time a user signs in and is authenticated by the SAML IDP they will be added as a participant


It was hard to find in the documentation that they are assigned participant. 


Thank you for posting that information.