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Task is not moving to next stage

Hi Emily, I have a state machine workflow where 1. state1 has a flexi task and state2 has wait for item update. 2. Initially, it will enter ...

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State machine workflow with flexi task is not goin...

Hi All, I have created a State machine workflow which involves 4 states of Approval(used flexi task). When the workflow is started, it will assi...

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Uncheck all the multi-select check boxes

Hi All, I'm trying to uncheck all the selections made in the multi-select check box in on-change event of another dropdown using jQuery. Whe...

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Required field validation for Legacy people picker...

Hi All, I'm trying to make a Legacy control people control as a mandatory field and couldn't find a correct way to do that using Nintex rules...

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Reminder mail with consolidated list of items and ...

Hi All, We have a requirement to send a reminder mail with consolidated list of item URL along with the task link to action on the task for ...

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Request data action, remain "in progress"...

After a while, I saw that Request Data tasks do not completed. Their status stuck "in progress" and workflow do not continue. This issue is not ...

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  • May 19, 2015  13:50
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