New TEAMS and Nintex Forms NOT loading!

  • 19 March 2024
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We need to know if Nintex will be planning on creating a custom app for TEAMS integration so Nintex Forms for Office 365 can render somehow in TEAMS for our end-users.

Since Microsoft switched to new version of TEAMS, external sites will not be able to render the content within a tab. Because of this, the Nintex form does NOT render when someone clicks on the new item button within a sharepoint online list. 

It's important Nintex functions and operates within the TEAMS environment for our users as it has been since before this change. 

I have logged a ticket, but wanted to put this out there for others experiencing the same issue and to see if Nintex has a feasible workaround that doesn’t involve our company creating a custom app for TEAMS to support Nintex forms for a sharepoint list.

In addition to new item button not working now for users, start event forms typically shared as a website on a teams tab would render - now they do NOT.

So we have two issues ongoing here for two different products - Nintex Forms for Office 365 and start event forms for NAC. 


Microsoft Message: (Updated) Changes to the Website tab in the new Teams client.

MC708500 · Published Jan 20, 2024 · Last updated Mar 15, 2024

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Upcoming updates to loading websites in Teams tabs (

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I encountered a similar issue back in September when SharePoint Online decided to automatically open all SharePoint Lists in Microsoft Lists, which disabled integration with the Nintex forms. I had created a Nintex support case, and they found a setting that had to be added to each Site that you wanted List forms to use Nintex instead the OOTB List Form.

You need to add the suffix onto your site in order to navigate to the list proper settings page. I have not been able to find a way to access this page via navigation:


There is a section named “Lists in Sites”. You want to make sure this is checked on the site where your Nintex list is found. This is the description of this setting:

Lists in Sites

Specify whether SharePoint site elements, like the header and navigation, should be initially visible when loading a list. By default, all lists open in the Lists app, which is optimized for performance and does not show these site navigation elements.


I’m not sure if this is something that may have impacted Teams, but I hope this resolves your current issue. Please note, I found a recent update to list navigation that now removed the Nintex apps from the list menu bar, so I can no longer Edit my forms or workflows in Nintex. You can see the difference between list formats on the New button. The original list format is named “New”, but the new enhanced list and view editor says “Add new Item”. I currently have another ticket into Nintex to try to resolve this issue. Microsoft trying to add functionality and break third-party apps as a result.


Jeff Niemi


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Unfortunately this didn’t work for adding for either of the apps you can use to add a list - lists, sharepoint or website. 

Bummer. I have come to a conclusion that it has to do with a policy we have. A few of our team members are not experiencing the same issue so they are looking into further. Nintex form loads for them fine when clicking the new button. 

The list shows up fine in TEAMS with either app used. But nothing will return the nintex form when new button in TEAMS is selected. Here is an example of “website” app. 

Just stays on a gray screen after we click new button. If you open in browser it will work - but nobody wants to do that. They want to be able to add new item within TEAMS as they were able to do for years. :( 


Hoping someone else has found a resolution on this issue. Thanks for your assist.