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Retention Policy on "Log to History List"...

Hi, Does anybody know if there is a retention policy on the "Log to History List" Action in SharePoint Online ? In other words I want to k...

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Query list or Collection Operation?

Hi, My question is about performance on using Query List and Collection Operation. I have a site workflow with a 5 branches parallel action. Eac...

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How to dynamically add values to a dropdown throug...

Hi, Is it possible to dynamically add values to a drop down field using Nintex workflow (not form)? Thanks

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Capturing Week number of current date

Hi everyone, Is there a way to capture week number of the current year using Nintex workflow? I know how to capture that using SharePoint calc...

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fn-FormatDate doesn't work

Hi everyone, I have a Nintex responsive form with a text field named Year, I'm going to set default value for a Year as the current year. Her...

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Unable to add a new Document Set via the Nintex Fo...

Hi all, At our client, we are building a solution with Nintex Workflow and Nintex Forms On-Premises (2013). I've adjusted the NewForm of a Docu...

  • By Michel
  • October 23, 2019  07:06
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Date Formatting with Responsive Forms

I have a control for the current date. I also have a control for an activation date. I would like the activation date to auto-populate with a dat...

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Missing list column in Nintex Form

I have a list, it has 5 content types inheriting from a base content type. In designing a form for the first content type there is a person an...

  • By nurdena
  • February 06, 2018  03:17
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userProfileLookup PreferredName returning #Value!

I'm trying to use userProfileLookup to return "PreferredName" but it's returning "#Value!". The formula I first tried was userProfileLookup(Curr...

  • By nj
  • December 04, 2017  08:09
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Display particular dates and days based on week nu...

Hello All, I need to display dates and days based on the week numbers selected through drop down control on the Nintex form. Is it possible...

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