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userEquals not available for O365?

I want to make a control editable only by the user who is entered in a specific people picker field. Eg, if there is an SVP Approver field and an...

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Error when using O365 Query User Profile: An excep...

I'm receiving the above error when using the Connection Manager for a O365 Query User Profile action. I had an existing workflow using credential...

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List workflow not being started by site workflow

I have a site workflow that runs daily and finds items that are supposed to be "reset" today (have certain fields cleared or set to specific valu...

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Display data from page in email

We have certain internal info that our Investments team updates daily. They wanted to be able to quickly and easily update the data and have it d...

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Webpart Redirect URL for 365

When using the forms webpart to embed a form in a page, there is a redirect URL. I don't really want to send the user anywhere, and having the re...

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Get XML As Plain Text in Email / Column

Hey folks! I'll admit - I don't use O365 very much. And, due to this fact, I struggle with some things that are fairly basic. Example (and ...

  • By rhia
  • March 27, 2018  08:25
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Send email x number of days before Calendar Event ...

Hi, I want to create a workflow based on a SharePoint Calendar I have created a Calendar and want to send an email out x number of days befor...

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Is it possible to have a search bar in nintex form...

Hello everyone, I am working on a form and I am thinking, is it possible to have a search bar in the nintex form instead of using the choice cont...

  • By tctctc
  • March 06, 2018  09:58
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Hi All, I am struggling to get the userProfileLookup runtime function to return any values within an O365 responsive form. Via the se...

  • By kev
  • February 28, 2018  05:31
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Workflow data

Friends, We have subscription to office 365 workflow pack. Is there a out of the box way to capture workflow data like duration, start date, end...

  • By nehals
  • February 26, 2018  06:54
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