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Responsive form color issues in view mode

Hi, I set my form background color to black with white text and field box backgrounds to light grey. Everything works great in new mode and ...

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Issues selecting choice control buttons on surface...

Hi, I have a form and I have rendered several choice options as buttons. The buttons work great using my mouse or on an ipad. When I try to...

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Adding dynamic hyperlink to form

Hi, I have a custom list that I want to associate with a document library and I have a workflow that dynamically builds a url which maps to a ...

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How do i use CSS to change clicked button colors?

Hi, I have a form I am creating with about 40 choice fields that I am rendering as buttons. I would like the buttons to stand out more and wo...

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Nintex mobile file is missing

Hi, We have published a form to mobile that is going to see 50 offline submissions a day per person that will be sent at the end of the day wh...

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Auto-populate form field based on data in list

I have a Nintex form that I use for people to enter information weekly. The information they fill out in the form is stored in a list when the f...

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  • November 03, 2015  10:15
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