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Is .NET core supported or not for using k2 black p...

Is .NET core supported or not for using k2 black pearl 4.7 API ? Is it possible to make integration between k2 black pearl 4.7 and .NET core for usi...

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Error deploying workflow

today I face very strange problem when try to make small update to the workflow as usual I downloaded the workflow from workspace and tried to make th...

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Unhappy about migration options in K2

Hello, I want to voice that I am not happy with the option for migration in K2. When a new version of K2 comes out we are required to upgrade with...

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Unable to refer K2 client Dll's in cor...

hi all, I am trying to consume K2 client Dlls in one of my core template web api project. We created ASP.NET core template web api proje...

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Filter on null field

We have a SmartObject integrated in an Infopath form as a secondary data. The SO is used to feed a drop down list and we want to display only the rec...

  • By Dominic
  • January 19, 2009  06:56
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