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Error message when removing lines from nintex form...

Hello, I made a form using Nintex Forms and it includes a repeating section where users can add several lines. By default, the repeating section di...

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Nintex Workflow issue when editing an imported Wor...

Hello, I migrated a SharePoint project from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2019. The initial project used Nintex Workflow 2010 (on SharePoint 2010)....

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Trigger new mode on button click

Hello, When I'm in display mode, I want to trigger the "New mode" by clicking on a button. I searched and I didn't find any information. I would li...

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SharePoint ribbon formatting issue after Nintex up...

After updating Nintex (currently using version, the SharePoint Ribbon in the form was not hidden anymore. I used following code to hide the ...

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Retrieve data from list based on multiple values

Hello, I have a SharePoint list with three columns which looks like this (see pitcure below). In my form, I want to retrieve the rate depending...

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