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Multiple line of text - regular expression

I have a “multiple line of text” column in a SharePoint list and would like to grab its information and save it into a word file which already exists...

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Running SSRS Report using Nintex SharePoint Workfl...

Hello, Does anyone know how to trigger a SSRS report (which is connected to a SharePoint List using a Nintex workflow? More explanation: ...

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Make a report from Task list

Hi, I am new in SharePoint. I have a created a list of tasks using "Tasks." Does anyone know how I can prepare a weekly (evry Friday) report fr...

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Run an SSRS report from Nintex workflow

Hi Nintex community! We have a workflow that we'd like to schedule that will start an SSRS report. Is this possible? Which controls in the wo...

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Need some help configuring my Application form...N...

Hi, I'm trying to finish this small project and I'm having issues with configuring my controls properly. I built out my form correctly and I'm stu...

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Creating a table in nintex

Does anybody has any ideas to get a table like this in Nintex I need to do some simple math calculation like division , average etc too on this ...

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Moving a completed task from one list to another w...

Can you move a completed task from one list to another with a workflow? If so, what action would that be?

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  • December 04, 2015  11:12
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