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Non users not able to access MiniMode links after ...

I have a support ticket in, but looking here as well to see if I can get a quick answer. With the recent update that Nintex did for Promapp cha...

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How to manage processes when owner or expert goes ...

Hi everyone, How do you manage processes when the owner or expert goes on leave? For approvals ect we transfer their ownership and rights to th...

  • By nes
  • June 21, 2021  01:11
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Limiting view to a folder

I knew how to do this with the previous viewing permission function... but now, how do I limit the view for some Promapp users to just a particular f...

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Trying to assign a process champion

Hi All, I have just attempted to assign a user as Group process Champion, which I've done quite easily in the past, but i'm getting an error when I...

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Error sharing process group link

We have created a hierarchy of processes using process groups. The top level group (call it process group 1) contains four other process groups (lets...

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Persistent Link

I need to reference ProMapp documents from another ser of documentation and would like to ensure that only the latest version of a process held in Pr...

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