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Nintex Workflow - How to potentially avoid workflo...

Hello, My name is Jake Dennison and I am a senior solutions engineer here at Nintex. One of the most regular workflow designs I see with all li...

  • By Jake
  • September 11, 2020  08:20
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Is it possible to connect NWC Data Lookup control ...

Hi, In my projects I need to auto-populate my Start Event form with data. The only two ways that I know so far it is possible is: first by using g...

  • By artmov
  • June 01, 2021  18:08
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ServiceNow Update Record Action Forbidden fields

I am looking to see if anyone is familiar with the servicenow actions in NWC. I have a connection working and am trying to update a record in one of ...

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How to - Navigate to a Page section by use of a bu...

Hello All, We have a pretty large NWC form, which uses page sections. The client would like to have an additional button (For Save) that navigates t...

  • By Bradley
  • April 14, 2021  16:02
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Form Variables populated using GetQueryStringParam...

I have a form variable that will be populated from a query string parameter. But I need to make sure that this value is populated and is not removed...

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URL Parameters Not Supported with Embedded Form?

I have a form that uses URL parameters to prepopulate fields, using getQueryStringParameter. When I simply publish the form using the URL, this...

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