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Nintex Forms – load SQL Server table contents into repeating section

This post is a “how to” tutorial, showing how can a data from SQL Server table be loaded into a “Repeating section” control in Nintex Forms. Needless to say, having that data inside the control allows...

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Dynamic repeating section - how to

My last project required creation of a dynamic list of approvers for the approval process (a coincidence? ), based on a location and volume threshold. And some other parameters, but this is not a case...

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Show SQL Server table inside Nintex Form

Ever wondered how to display SQL table inside your Nintex Form? Indeed, there is the “SQL Request” action, but it only allows you to show data from database as a dropdown, list of options, etc… and al...

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Nintex Form - Invalid URL value

I'm facing a weird issue with the Nintex Form. Have anyone else faced it and solved somehow?This is what I did:I have created a calendar-type list in SPO;I have added the "Item" content type to the li...

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Nintex Workflow Migration from on premise to Office 365

Recently I've been involved in that project, where data and information that was being created for years in on premise SharePoints had to be migrated to the sharepoint online environment in office 365...

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Multi line text display not wrapping

Hello, I have a multiline test box to hold comment with append. In this control when we are adding a text then word getting wrapped and showing in control but when this come to display this is not wra...

In Nintex for SharePoint
  • Posted by akumar
  • | June 05, 2019 00:14
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Office 365 remove user from SharePoint group -- Action not available

I can see Action "Office 365 add user to group" but not "Office 365 remove user from group".Please let me know how to achieve it.

In Nintex for Office 365
  • Posted by RaviM
  • | March 13, 2019 06:32
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How to get current time in Nintex Workflow

Hi,I have a requirement to get current time from the current date and time inside a workflow.I tried to use below1. Add time to Date - Added 0's to Month, Date, Hour and Mins and set the date as curre...

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How Do I Get the Value of Column In Each Repeating Row?

I have two repeating rows and would like to add a rule such that the dropdown choice (a list lookup) in each row cannot be similar.How is this done?

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Limit Number of Repeating Rows Based on Function

Are the minimum and maximum rows configurable at all? This doesn't work:fn-If(Is New Mode, 2, 1)

In Nintex for Office 365
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