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How to extract data from an XML file

I have a large xml file with various data i need to extract. Things such as ID Number, Account Number, Date, etc. I am only able to select the whole xml file to target instead of individual text strin...

In Nintex RPA
  • Posted by fshah
  • | February 24, 2020 06:45
  • Views 3282
  • Replies 12

Chrome Support

Is Chrome on the road map to be a supported browser? I am working soon to update my Foxtrot farm to the latest version and noticed in the release notes Internet Explorer is still the only supported br...

In Nintex RPA
  • Posted by FrankW
  • | January 09, 2020 05:40
  • Views 1541
  • Replies 5

RPA Central v1.3 scheduling options

Hello everyone, We've been running v.15 for some time, and when we tested v.16, we found the RPA Central scheduler would not meet our needs. Like others, we need more flexibility in when bots run, ho...

In Nintex RPA
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How to read and update data in a Sharepoint list using Foxtrot RPA

Can anyone suggest the steps to read and update data from sharepoint list using botflow.

In Nintex RPA
  • Posted by priyaes
  • | January 07, 2020 01:07
  • Views 2452
  • Replies 7

usage of "%, *, !, [], {}" etc. while comparing or displaying message in box action

Hello Team, I am trying to find documentation related to useage of"%, *, !, [], {}" etc. while comparing (partial match, begins with etc.) or displaying personalized message in box action. Or can yo...

In Nintex RPA
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  • Replies 4

Extract text between text

Hi, How can I save text from character no. 4 to 10 from a text string with plain text? I tried the function Between, but this will only work with a specific letter or sign. Any ideas?

In Nintex RPA
  • Posted by twn
  • | January 31, 2020 02:50
  • Views 1000
  • Replies 2

Send a [^Enter] keystroke before every upper cased letter in a string

Hi, Im dealing with a botflow where Im retriving various types of string values which I am saving into different variables. After I have retrived the text I am going to send it into a Word Document. ...

In Nintex RPA
  • Posted by Schmidet
  • | January 28, 2020 02:37
  • Views 571
  • Replies 2

RPA Central Command Line Launch

With RPA Central (SQL stored botflows), will it still be possible to execute botflow from the command line (Task Scheduler etc.)? Example: start "Foxtrot" "C:\Program Files (x86)\Foxtrot Suite\Foxtro...

In Nintex RPA
  • Posted by Brandon
  • | January 28, 2020 12:07
  • Views 1749
  • Replies 4

Filetrigger creating two processes

Hello i am having some problems with Foxhub creating two running jobs when a script is startet with a filetrigger. This does not happen every time and i cant seem to find out why this happens, hens th...

In Nintex RPA
  • Posted by MPI
  • | January 24, 2020 01:23
  • Views 680
  • Replies 2

Include spaces in your output for set variable from retriving text

Hi, Im trying to retrive the information of languages using the Set variablefrom atext i notes. The text I am trying to extract is the following: Languages Svenska (Native or Bilingual) Engelska (Pr...

In Nintex RPA
  • Posted by Schmidet
  • | January 15, 2020 04:37
  • Views 1860
  • Replies 2

Overwrite botflow, is there a backup?

Hi fellow alliance members, I am in some trouble. I managed to overwrite my main botflow and are in desperate need to retrive it. Is there by chanse any way to restore the overwrited botflow? Thanks...

In Nintex RPA
  • Posted by Schmidet
  • | January 07, 2020 08:23
  • Views 431
  • Replies 1

Unable to capture SAP Save As window using Foxtrot

Trying to save PDF from SAP to local drive. In SAP we press Ctrl+P key and click OK to get the Save as window. However, unable to target the "Save As" window as the windows header shows Foxtrot icon ...

In Nintex RPA
  • Posted by iqkh
  • | January 10, 2020 04:09
  • Views 551
  • Replies 1

Issue with Data Wizard

I am having issues importing an Excel file with RPA tutorial (Medical License Data Set.xlsx). When I try to import, I get the following:

In Nintex RPA
  • Posted by krolland
  • | October 11, 2019 08:50
  • Views 1744
  • Replies 5

Trouble Publishing Botflows in order to use Foxhub

Background: I am trialling Foxtrot in order to compare with the software my company currently uses for RPA, and in order to do so I wish to try out running processes through Foxhub. I am currently run...

In Nintex RPA
  • Posted by caitlin_s
  • | November 26, 2019 00:27
  • Views 852
  • Replies 1

Foxtrot Support for Azure SQL

I'm using the Open SQL function of Foxtrot RPA and I'm noticing it cannot detect Tables in SQL Azure. It doesn't let me either select a table, nor does a SELECT [Field] FROM [Table] command work as it...

In Nintex RPA
  • Posted by cholslin
  • | November 18, 2019 10:08
  • Views 885
  • Replies 1

Saving Lists to file

Has anyone recieved the error message "The list failed to be saved to file" when attempting to save a list of any size to any format? Any idea as to what causes that? I have tried with small, large li...

In Nintex RPA
  • Posted by AMR
  • | October 03, 2019 13:18
  • Views 912
  • Replies 2

v15.0.1 FoxHub Triggering - BotFlow completes, but not really......

I have installed v15.0.1 and am testingall my scripts after converting to new .rpa versions. I have 4 triggers set up in v14.6.2 which work flawlessly. In testing these4 triggersin 15.0.1, I notice th...

In Nintex RPA
  • Posted by req93662
  • | September 17, 2019 09:17
  • Views 1368
  • Replies 5

RPA Claim Processing - Part 1: PDF to Image conversion using Python

In receiving hundreds of Insurance Claims per day, we going to look into how RPA solution can help insurance companies save efforts and money hiring tens of people to do the capturing of claims, from ...

In Community Blogs
  • Posted by kkgan
  • | September 25, 2019 19:57
  • Views 963
  • Replies 1

Better Together: Nintex RPA & NWC – Starting a Botflow from a Workflow (with an Email

Intro & Links This blog post will continue a small series that I have planned, focusing on how Foxtrot RPA and Nintex Workflow Cloud are better together. The intention is to provide ways to integr...

In Community Blogs
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  • Replies 2

Password generation using specific application requirements

I know that Foxtrot has the ability to generate a password and update the credentials. The issue I have run into is what if the emulator I'm using has strict rules on the password. Example, only certa...

In Nintex RPA
  • Posted by kbarton
  • | August 21, 2019 09:14
  • Views 1432
  • Replies 2