Getting Individual Record ID From Workflow

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I am trying to get the ID of a newly created list item stored in a list with SharePoint Online. I have been able to get the first item, or the last items, or all of the items, but I just need the ID of the item that is created when the SharePoint Online list adds the ID. 

I also need to be able for more than one user to go in to complete forms and get the related ID to the form. Users may possibly be submitting forms simultaneously. I used a loop, but it’s only acquiring the last item.


What do I need to do, to get the created SP Online ID field value, based on the related form that was completed?  


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Hi, there’s no need for you to loop.


When you create the item in SharePoint using the “Create an Item” action, have a look at the Output section where you can create a variable/object that references the item:



Then if you have a look at this variable, you’ll see that one of the attributes of that object is the item ID


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Thank you. That worked well. It was only thing keeping my workflow from completing. My first one, ever!