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Using Javascript to update a repeating section

Following on from this question Need to Copy a repeating section from a List-item to a repeating section to a different List-item?‌ raised by Pam Lewis‌ i thought i would blog my solution in case ther...

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Failed to start workflow. Attempted to perform an unauthorized operation.

HiI've seen another postbut with no definitive answer.‌Does anyone have a fix for the workflow error "Failed to start workflow. Attempted to perform an unauthorized operation."Happens when using the S...

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Populate People Picker with user Line Manager

When i am developing forms for applications, i like to have as much information on the new item form as possible. Workflow can update the item after submission but I think it adds to the user experien...

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Ensure Unique Reference On New Item

Prompted by Cassy Freeman‌ and this question raised by Chintan Desai‌, 2 workflow instance executes at same time‌, I thought I would share how I got around this very problem.My scenario is slightly di...

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Collection Operations

After creating this blog post Collection Operation - Get , i thought it would be good to look at the other Collection Operations in some detail too.As stated in the article above, the Collection Opera...

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Collection Operation - Get

I was asked this question by Daniel Mueller​ and thought it was worth sharingI have a string stored in a variable looking like this: name, email, usernameI'm using the regular expression to split the ...

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Start a site collection reusable workflow from the item context menu

Is there any way to start a site collection resuable workflow from the context menu of the item?

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