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Theobald Software - SAP connector ECS Core

ECS Core is the SAP connector for cloud environments and other autonomous enterprise portals - cloud based or not - in Theobald Software's product portfolio. The connector offers a very comfortable and easy way to connect to SAP for read and write access. The solution works completely without any programming and uses a standard REST service interface for SAP connectivity.

SAP Integration with Nintex Workflow Cloud

A key component for SAP integration with Nintex cloud solutions is the WebService Designer included in ECS Core. With the WebService Designer it is possible to create custom SAP integrated REST web services and access these services within a NWC workflow.

The Xtensions framework provided in every NWC tenant allows to import so called OpenAPI definitions which are basically descriptions of REST services. With the WebService Designer it is possible to export a service with all its operations into an OpenAPI definition and import this definition into the Xtensions framework. The service is then available in the NWC designer toolbox as a custom connector, easy to configure and easy to use. Just drag and drop the connector to the canvas and define your SAP connection as well as the connector’s input- and output parameters - that’s all.

Nintex Workflow Cloud SAP custom connector

It is not only possible for customers to create their individual web services and import them as custom connectors into their NWC tenant. Theobald Software also provides a growing set of pre-defined and pre-configured web services for common transactional SAP processes. The services provided as business content are related to different SAP areas like accounting, financing and human resources. They cover common processes such as creating and changing sales orders, purchase orders, goods receipts, material master data and many more. 

SAP Integration with Nintex for Office 365

SAP integration with Nintex for Office 365 functions almost identical to integration with Nintex Workflow Cloud. SAP-based REST web services can be created with the WebService Designer and consumed within a Nintex for Office 365 workflow. This allows the realization of SAP integration scenarios for innumerable business processes. Templates and examples can be obtained from Theobald Software.

The web service call in Nintex for Office 365 can be done directly and without further modification with the standard Call HTTP Webservice workflow action or - even more comfortable – a custom connector can be imported to the Xtensions framework just like in NWC. The possibility with the Xtensions framework is not available yet in Nintex for Office 365 but this feature is already announced by Nintex and will be coming soon. All integration options regarding REST services, pre-defined business content and custom connectors can therefore equally be used in Nintex for Office 365.

Nintex for Office 365 webservice call

SAP Integration with Nintex Forms

SAP integration is also enabled for both Nintex Forms in SharePoint On-Premises and Office 365. This is made possible by Custom

JavaScript (JS) Includes that can be embedded in the Nintex Forms designer and a powerful JavaScript library provided with the SharePoint and cloud connectors ECS and ECS Core. With a little bit of JavaScript code, it is possible to access SAP in a variety of potential use cases.

Nintex Forms SAP Integration

For more information on SAP connectivity with Nintex cloud solutions and Nintex in general please take a look at the attached Whitepaper or check out our OnlineHelp. If you need any help do not hesitate to contact us at  

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