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Theobald Software - ERPConnect Services

ERPConnect Services simplifies the integration of SAP data into your SharePoint and cloud solutions. Customers that use Nintex Workflow or Nintex Forms in their SharePoint environment can utilize ERPConnect Services to integrate SAP processes into their workflow scenarios.


AuthorChristian TauchmannXchange Tester
Long Description

ERPConnect Services (ECS) is fully integrated into the SharePoint architecture and offers three different SAP integration options for your Nintex Workflow solution.

  1. In the first option, the Nintex workflow interacts with an external list in SharePoint populated with SAP data.
  2. In the second option, the Nintex workflow interacts with SAP integrated web services that can be created with ECS.
  3. Finally, in the third option, the Nintex workflow contains one of the custom actions (Call SAP Function and Read SAP Table) that are delivered with ECS and enable direct read/write access to SAP

Furthermore it is possible to integrate SAP data with Nintex Forms by using the JavaScript library delivered with ECS.


Requires an SAP system to connect with.


Nintex Workflow 2010

Nintex Workflow 2013

Nintex Workflow 2016

Nintex Forms 2010

Nintex Forms 2013

Nintex Forms 2016


SharePoint Server 2010

SharePoint Server 2013

SharePoint Server 2016




Nintex Workflow Integration_Mobile App2.png

Additional Information

Productinfo: ERPConnect Services - Productinfo - Theobald Software GmbH


Whitepaper about SAP Integration with Nintex:

Customer Success Story: 

Product video: Seamless integration of SAP and SharePoint - YouTube

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