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Nintex Promapp - Release Notes

Release v4.8.5 - October 2020


Change description required when archiving a process 

When a process is archived, a Change Description dialog box is displayed for entering the reason. The details are displayed in the process Change Log. 


Print historical versions of a process 

  • You can print the historical version of a process. 
  • When you print the historical version for an archived process, the process map and procedure will be included. 


Resolved Issues 

  • Fixed issues related to the use of Microsoft GDI libraries in Microsoft Azure that impacted process and process group printing to PDF and other PDF exports.
  • Checklist notification messages are sent when an activity is assigned to a user. 
  • Performance of SCIM API pagination for customer datasets greater than 500 users has been improved.
  • Fixed issue with Sharepoint widget not displaying when embedded into an iFrameFor Safari browser, you must disable a cookie privacy setting to allow this feature to work. For more information, see SharePoint integration FAQ help.
  • Duplicate minimode links are not displayed in the Process List report.
  • file size validation message displays if you attach files over 15 MB for Training unit evidence of completion.
  • Fixed issue where selecting processes and activities on an iPad didn’t work.
  • Fixed issue when navigating directly to a document URL without logging in, displays an error after logging in.
  • Fixed issue where incident dates are not converted to or from today's date local time to UTC time resulting in validation errors when submitting and reporting on incidents. The time zone value is selected in the following order: 
    1. User name > My Profile > Change My Time Zone
    2. Browser time zone
    3. Admin > Config > Promapp System Settings > Time Zone
  •  Fixed issue where highlighting changes does not display images.
  •  Only the top 10 risk scores are displayed in the Top 10 Risk Scores report. Note: Unique risks may have identical scores resulting in more than 10 risks in this report.
  • Fixed issue where the unsupported download message for linked documents was not displayed. (Patched 12 September, 2020)
  • New lines are displayed correctly in a process. (Patched 18 August, 2020)
  • Fixed redirection error in Google  Chrome.  (Patched 28 August, 2020) 



Release v4.8.4 – August 2020 


Ability to undo/redo edit changes for process variations 

You can now undo/redo changes when you edit a process variation. For more information, see the Process Variations Help. 


Resolved Issues 

  • Improved load time for process group navigation and overviews when a group contains many processes and child process groups (Patched August 10, 2020).
  • Optimized Improvements register performance for loading and searching content (Patched August 10, 2020).
  • The Improvements register page is displayed with the Open filter selected by default instead of the All filter. 
  • Process feedback requiring a response is displayed in the Process Improvements/Feedback (requiring a response) report, including process feedback provided via the home page (Patched August 10, 2020).
  • Fixed issue with the auditing of location and priority fields for Improvements Add-on. This issue resulted in types of updates not appearing in the change log.
  • Restore button is available for process version created due to global process ownership transfer. 
  • Fixed issue where processes cannot be archived due to the latest save prior to archiving being in an invalid state. 
  • Process titles for a linked process are updated in unpublished processes when they are changed. 
  • Fixed issue where scheduled risk treatment sign-offs did not display when clicking the Show more link in the Risks register. 
  • Fixed issue where risks cannot be reviewed from the My Risks dashboard (Patched August 10, 2020).
  • Fixed issue where incidents cannot be closed without attaching a file even when file attachment is not required (Patched August 10, 2020).
  • Fixed issue with date filters not showing for reports in Internet Explorer 11 (Patched August 10, 2020).
  • Fixed issue where Training and Competency units cannot be imported when role details are included in the spreadsheet. 
  • Fixed issue with the Improvements Add-on Reporting API not removing obsolete values correctly for custom fields that have been swapped from a multi-select list to a single select list (Patched July 21, 2020).
  • Fixed issue where clicking links and breadcrumbs in process group minimode page was not working.
  • Fixed issue where saving a user record duplicates the team and location tags. Note: Existing duplicate tags must be manually removed.


Release v4.8.3 - June 2020  


Add Process Group as favourites 

You can now mark process groups you work with regularly and need quick access to as favourites. For more information, see Favourites help.   


New Help Documentation site 

The Help menu and search in your Nintex Promapp site are now linked to the new Help centre. 

We’ve revitalised the content you’ve become familiar with, added more detail to popular topics, and incorporated new topics for areas you frequently ask us about. In the new Help centre, you’ll be able to browse for topics or find them by searching. 

We hope you like the new look and find our updated content useful and easy to understand. Let us know what you think via the feedback tab on the right-hand side of the new Help documentation.  


Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) condition support 

SAML conditions are now supported for Single Sign-on. Authentication claims will be validated against the following conditions if provided: 

  • The time period for which the authentication claim is valid 
  • Whether a response can be used more than once 
  • The claim was intended to be used by Nintex Promapp 

For more details, see the Single Sign-on help article or the SAML documentation.  


Links in Checklist comments 

Links and email addresses included in Checklist comments are now converted to clickable links which you can navigate to.  

Timely Checklist notifications 

Updates have been made to ensure you only get appropriate notifications for assigned Checklist items. If you are assigned two consecutive Checklist items, for example: item 1 and item 2: 

  • You will receive dashboard and email notifications when item 1 is assigned to you. 
  • If you complete item 1 from the dashboard or email notification, you will receive dashboard and email notifications for item 2. 
  • If you complete item 1 from the Checklist, you will only get a dashboard notification for item 2. 


Resolved Issues 

  • Fixed issue with uploading or linking to files using a Chromium based browser in the following locations:
    • Replacing a users avatar
    • Replacing a process map with an image
    • Add new document to Document tag
    • Add new document to System tag
    • Upload minutes on Governance dashboard
    • Replacing images under Admin > Configure > Branding section.
    • Importing from XML (Group/and Process)
    • Importing from Microsoft Visio/iGrafx
    • Importing from BPMN/XPDL
    • Importing Roles
    • Importing Users
    • Importing Documents tags
    • Importing Glossary tags
    • Improvements Add-on - Upload template for investigation
    • Risk and Compliance Add-on - Import Risks from CSV and upload files when signing off a treatment
    • Training Add-on - Mark training as done with evidence
  • Improvements Add-on: Fixed issue with reporting improvements for portfolios with location specific assigners/approvers/closers enabled.
  • Resolved issue with feedback notifications not being displayed on the dashboard, caused by a failure in the overnight job to clear resolved feedback.
  • The SharePoint search endpoint returns results when blank terms are used.
  • Fixed issue with zoom in/zoom out or pan for process map on iPad. 
  • Fixed issue where processes with deleted decision activity links cannot be published. 
  • Linked stakeholders are displayed in the RACI section for an in-progress process. 
  • Fixed issue where historical versions of standard and variant processes are not displayed. 
  • Fixed issue with user provisioning using Okta and Microsoft Azure AD (Patched April 28, 2020). 
  • Process group maps are correctly displayed based on user permissions. 
  • Linked network video files are displayed in the Procedure view. 
  • Fixed issue where glossary terms are not always underlined in a process when they contain parentheses (brackets).
  • Lean tags are displayed correctly when line breaks are used. 
  • Associated groups are displayed in the Document List report. 


Release v4.8.2 - May 2020

The Microsoft software development framework used to build the server-side components of the application has been upgraded in this release. 


Resolved Issues 

  • Improved performance for the Improvements Add-on Register and Summary pages.
  • Lean Map report displays the correct results when the Include unpublished processes check box is selected.
  • Fixed the following issues when using a Chromium based browser:
    • uploading/linking a new document to the document library or a process.
    • uploading/linking to replace a document in the document library or a process.
    • uploading/linking documents to incidents for reporting, assigning, investigating, or closing the incident.
  • Fixed issue for glossary terms containing a pipe not highlighted in the process.


Release v4.8.1 - March 2020 


Process Checklists Improvements 

You can set a due date for the Checklist activities to ensure the tasks are completed in time and the overall checklist progress is correctly tracked. 

We have added the following additional columns to Checklist Dashboard notifications: 

  • Checklist Activity 
  • Status 
  • Activity Due Date 
  • Assigned By 
  • Assigned To 

Checklist creator will receive dashboard notifications when items are completed to help them  monitor the current status and progress. 

For more information, see the Help documentation. 


Easily edit document titles 

You can now change the title of a document in the library without the need to upload a new document. For more information, see Help > Manage Documents.  


Reorder Risk portfolios using drag and drop 

Organize your risk portfolios in the order you need using the Admin > Risks > Portfolios Re-order Portfolios button in a simple drag and drop interface. For more information, seHelp > Risk and Compliance Module > Administering the module. 


Process name displays in browser title for minimode links 

For minimode links, the browser title displays the process name, process variant details, and reference number so you can easily identify the process in your browser history and tabs. 


Resolved Issues 

  • Process Acknowledgement notifications will not be generated for single process training units which have a related process archived. 
  • Fixed issue with feedback notifications not displaying on the dashboard. 
  • Fixed issue with documents not loading correctly when viewing a published process. This occurred when the documents had been added or removed in unpublished changes. 
  • Printing process variations does not display an error message and prints the correct details. 
  • Corrected the date time format in the SAML response (Single Sign-on) to address the issue for Microsoft Azure Active Directory customers who had a language/culture setting other than English. 
  • Fixed issue where training cannot be scheduled for a unit that is linked to a process awaiting approval. 
  • Duplicated system tags are not displayed in the printed/PDF version of a process. 
  • Importing users correctly updates the assigned viewing permissions in the .csv file. 
  • Fixed issue with process links from reports not opening when the site name is included in the process link identifier. 
  • Fixed issue with tags not being fully re-indexed.


Release v4.8.0 - February 2020


Introducing Process Checklists 

Give process users clear, executable process steps every time with Nintex Promapp® Checklists.   

Checklists ensure that end users have all the information they need to execute your processes, and tracks compliance with full audit records across every instance. Personalized notifications and clear accountability deliver smooth process completion, across teams, locations, and business units.  

Key benefits include:  

  • Get the right information in the right hands at the right time  
  • Capture the realities of process execution, as it happens  

Track process completion and accelerate compliance  

Read more about Process Checklists in our  blog article or learn more about how  Checklists work through our Help documentation and introductory video.


We’re consolidating how processes are published 

All Publish’/’In Progress’  toggle settings have been removed. Customers will be progressively moved to our click-to-publish mechanism with this release.
The click-to-publish
 mechanism is the standard for publishing new processes as well as changes. It allows you to build out or make changes to your processes, and only make them available to participants once they’re finalised.

For more information on the differences and benefits of our click-to-publish mechanism, please read the  Nintex Community article. Should you have further questions about the change, please reach out to our friendly  Nintex Support team.


Other Improvements 

  • Improved process save time for sites with a significant number of tags (200+). 
  • The following usability improvements have been made to the Process Triggers, Inputs, and Output report: 
    • Report data can be filtered by process group.
    • Process name includes the variation suffix where applicable. 
    • The CSV export has been updated to be more readable with appropriate column names and a hyphen ('-') to indicate where data does not exist. 
      • Improved efficiency for re-indexing of lean and system tags.  
      • Reports are now cached for the period that the user has a valid session or for a maximum of 4 hours. 
  • When you import users, a progress bar is displayed to indicate the task progress. 



Resolved Issues 

  • Reduced the process cache expiration time to ensure that the process editor warning is not displayed when no users are editing the process. 
  • Improvements have been made to load documents more efficiently in the process procedure. 
  • Clicking Seen It on the dashboard is not counted as a process view in the Process Viewing Counts report. 
  • Searching from a Help minimode link displays the correct search results. 
  • Paging of search results works correctly when there are more than 250 results. 
  • Process will not be associated to a system tag when the document name has a matching system tag name. Documents are not included in the System Map report. 
  • User friendly error message is displayed if multiple links are selected when adding a process link. 
  • Process group maps update correctly and do not show child groups if permissions have been applied which the user doesn’t have. 
  • Shared embedded processes are correctly displayed in the recipient site. 
  • Processes and documents in process groups can be sorted by right-click + Sort. 
  • Disabled and deleted users, and owners of deleted risks are not displayed in the Action Owner drop-down list for Monitor Risk incident action ownership. 
  • Printing a group of processes will print duplicate system/lean tags for all processes where they are added. 
  • SharePoint search links copied from the configuration page display the correct page. 
  • Informative error message is displayed for linking a network document with a path not matching the provided regular expression. 
  • Lean Map report displays both the title and description when the content includes a tag. 
  • Changing the linked process for process output is correctly retained after saving. 
  • URLs included in the change description of a process are formatted to fit on screen in the “My Changes” dashboard. 
  • Systems with the same starting characters are correctly tagged in a process. 
  • Processes with unpublished changes having a system swimlane owner who has been deleted can be published. 
  • An informative message is displayed when a user saves or publishes a process associated to an additional group which has been deleted. 
  • Added more informative details to the following areas 
  • Enable viewing of underlying processes (Click through) configuration setting tooltip.
  • Warning messages when a user navigates to an unpublished process from the process map.
  • Processes in parallel with process links display the correct activity numbering in the map and procedure views. 
  • Loading icon is displayed when navigating between dashboard tabs. 
  • Documents can be uploaded even if a deleted or system document has the same name. 
  • Promasters can reset their passwords through the bypass login page (e.g.  when they have the required SSO enabled for their site. 
  • Printing of reports now works as expected in Google Chrome. 
  • Reports display the correct date and time zone according to the user profile setting. 
  • The same out-of-date process count is displayed on the dashboard and Process Review Dates report. 
  • Queues for background jobs have been changed so that notifications are handled in a different queue from long running tasks. This has resulted in more urgent notifications coming through in a timely manner. 
  • Re-indexing of lean and system tags has been made more intelligent so that it only re-indexes when necessary i.e. when a tag changes. Tags will continue to be added when you make changes to the process and save. 
  • Re-indexing of lean and system tags has been updated to handle situations where a process cannot be updated with the new tags as it cannot be published. These processes will be skipped and the publishing issue (e.g. a deleted owner or export) should be addressed manually. 
  • My Todo Items dashboard shows the correct location for @todo in a task.
  • Clicking on the browser back button after navigating to a linked process displays the correct page.
  • Process Variant Management Add-on: 
    • Process variations with an apostrophe in the name can now be added as inputs to other processes.
  • Training Add-on 
    • Training and competencies can be filtered by tags.
    • Multiple processes can be added (Ctrl + Click) to an Onboarding plan at the same time. 
    • Adding 25 or more processes to an induction plan will still display the Add Process button.
    • Supervisor sign off training notifications are not displayed for trainees that are disabled or deleted. 
  • Process Change Acknowledgementsreport does not include the Promapp Promaster.
  • Improvements Add-on 
    • Incident reports can be successfully submitted when files have been attached and subsequently removed before submitting.
    • All Field Types in new form fields can be selected.   
  • Risk Add-on: 
    • Treatment sign-off reminders will only be sent when the Enable treatment signoff reminder emails setting is on.


Release v4.7.0 - December 2019


Improvements Add-on Reporting API is now available

We’ve added a reporting API which opens up the data from the Improvements Add-on to custom queries, giving you access to all of that information in a format that can be managed according to your business needs. From this tool, custom reports can be configured and managed using familiar third-party tools such as Microsoft Excel and Power BI, providing clear, detailed reports on the metrics that you want.

Available Resources:

To get started, please contact our support team. They'll enable the feature and they can talk you through the next steps as it takes a little time for the data to become available once this service is enabled.


Improved reporting for process time frames and costs

We have made the following changes to the available reports:

  • We've split the report into 2 separate reports for time and cost - Process Cost Savings Report and Process Time Savings Report.
  • Wait times has been included in the Process Time Savings Report.


Workflow Generator Updates 

  • The authorised integration user and the user who requests automation in Nintex Promapp will receive email notifications when the workflow is created in Nintex Workflow Cloud.
  • Workflow actions in Nintex Promapp are displayed in the same order as the connected Nintex Workflow Cloud tenant.
  • The Help link navigates directly to the Automation help page.


Resolved Issues

  • Training notifications are not cleared for deleted users.
  • Linked images without thumbnails are displayed on the right and not inline with the text. 
  • On a printed process, the Last Edited date is displayed as the process reviewed date when there are no edit changes done as part of the review. 
  • The out-of-date process count displayed on the Governance page and Process Review Dates report are different.
  • Document name/ version updates are not displayed in process edit view. 
  • Improvements Add-on: Changes made to the Select List (Single Choice) field are not saved. 
  • Issues resolved in
    • Process links added in notes are not displayed for published processes.
    • Navigating to an embedded process map view does not display the map.
    • The Include Unpublished Content check box is not displayed in Search Results.



Release v4.6.2 - November 2019


Faster process loading times

Viewing a process is now faster with process procedure text loaded and shown prior to loading all the documents and images.


Resolved Issues

  • Change logs are displayed correctly for process versions when you transfer ownership rights from the Admin > Users > Manage Users page.
  • Users cannot access deleted incidents from the change log of a linked process.
  • Incorrect workflow deleted email notifications will not be generated.
  • The Admin > Users > Manage Users page search does not return search results.



Release v4.6.1 - October 2019


New Help menu links

You can easily configure and access the following options from the Help menu:

  • Show/Hide Support chat
  • Nintex Community
  • What's New



Announcements & Nintex Community

  • Release announcements, maintenance updates, and other information will now be available from the Help > What's New link. It will be displayed in a panel on the right where you can see multiple posts, search for specific information or filter based on the category. If you've limited who gets notified of announcements, this configuration still applies with the new mechanism.
  • We have added links to Nintex Community in the Help menu and on the home page so you can easily access resources for information and collaboration directly from Nintex Promapp.
  • Updates to process viewing trends

    With more people sharing process content we've made sure you are getting an accurate picture of who's viewing your processes.

    • Governance dashboard include views from shared 'minimode' processes.
    • Process Hit reports have been renamed to ‘Process Views’, and 'Process Views By User'.
    • Process View reports includes an anonymous user view count to indicate how many views are from shared content.
    • Exported reports include the minimode URL
      The following reports have been updated to include the minimode URL when exported to CSV/Excel:
      • Process Changes Not Yet Viewed (by process)
      • Process Changes Not yet Viewed (by user)
      • Process Review Dates
      • Process Improvements/Feedback
      • Process Improvements/Feedback (detail)
      • Process Improvements/Feedback (requiring a response)

More efficient tag re-indexing

Re-indexing of lean and system tags has been made more intelligent so that it only re-indexes when necessary i.e. when a tag changes. Tags will continue to be added when you make changes to the process and save. 

Resolved Issues

  • Users being unable to print a group of processes when automation features are enabled.
  • Process feedback reports including feedback from archived process variants, causing a mismatch between feedback totals in the governance dashboard and the reports.
  • Changes to system tags can’t be saved due to a time out. This has been resolved by moving all re-indexing to a background job independent of the saving of changes.
  • Support chat not displaying correctly in Internet Explorer 11.
  • Navigating to and loading of the Admin > Viewing Permissions times out. The loading time has been significantly improved.
  • User welcome email has the correctly formatted site link and the "www" prefix is supported should it be included.
  • Changes are not tagged with [Change not broadcast] on the My Changes dashboard.
  • Date filters in improvement and risk registers not correctly applying after selecting a date.
  • Fixed an issue where training units completed via an induction would sometimes still have a notification generated for them.
  • [Patched - September 8, 2019] Documents with the type of 'Form' (or renamed from 'Form') can now be edited or deleted correctly when editing a process. The correct layout for this type of document has also been applied.
  • [Patched - September 16, 2019] Process Improvements/Feedback reports not correctly filtering by groups.



Release v4.6.0.11 - September 2019


Introducing Workflow Generator & Associations

Nintex Promapp now integrates the power of Nintex’s world class automation tools with its best in market process management tool.

Bring process experts and technical specialists together for effective automation outcomes and enable your teams to utilise powerful automation solutions without the traditional technical hurdles.

With this new feature you can
• Easily bring workflows into your processes
• Clearly see automation at work
• Simplify the journey to automation for process owners and IT teams

Get started by learning more about workflows or connect your existing Nintex Workflow Cloud tenant in the Integration configuration section.



Release v4.6.0 - August 2019


Faster search results:We’ve changed the way we store unpublished process changes and search on them. If you’ve got a few unpublished changes then global search should search and return them more efficiently. 

Note: This update won’t affect any of the versioning for your processes, if the process was version 1.1 it will still be after this update.


Additional data for easy correlation in the Process List report: Additional data (columns) have been added when you export the Process List report so you can easily see the ones that have been added as shortcuts in other groups.

The export now contains the following additional columns for a process:

  • Created Date
  • Short Cut: Yes or No value
  • Group Name: Name of the process group where the process shortcut is included
  • Group Path: Process group path where the process shortcut is included
  • Source Group: Name of the process group where the process is created
  • Source Group Path: Process group path where the process is created
  • Minimode URL

    Note:Short Cut and Source Group columns will be included only if theExclude Shortcut Processes check box is not selected. The on-screen/PDF version of the report will not display these columns.


    Reduced default period for reports:The default date range for the following reports is now set to one day to minimize the loading time for the initial report.

    • Process Hits
    • Process Hits By User
    • Process Improvements/Feedback (detail)
    • Process Change Log
    • Process Time Cost Saving Report


Process Variant Management Add-on

Trigger, input, output, and target support: Changes you make to a trigger, input, output, or target in a standard process are now updated in any variants and kept in sync. If you make specific changes to the trigger, input, output, or target in a variant, then this link will be broken. Any subsequent changes to the standard process will not be applied for the updated variant.

Note:Only triggers, inputs, outputs, and targets added to a standard process following this release will be propagated to the variants. The existing content will remain unlinked.

Resolved Issues

  • Users no longer see the edit option against documents in the search results which they do not have rights to edit.
  • An issue where some images could not be expanded in Processes where there are three or more consecutive notes/web links around them has been resolved and images can now be expanded as expected.
  • YouTube links for help videos have been updated.
  • Reintroduced linked documents and web links from unpublished processes in the Linked Documents and Web Links report.



Release v4.5.11 - August 2019

Process Editor

We have updated the Process | Edit | Summary | Display Type field options for more clarity as follows:

  • Normal -> Map and procedure
  • Text Mode -> Procedure only
  • Policy -> Policy
  • Map Replaced With Image -> Image and procedure



You can now see the Process display mode (procedure only or policy), in the full search results as a process name suffix.


Web Links

  • Invalid web links error message displays when you add the link and click the check mark icon, instead of only when you save the process.
  • The Admin config URL setting label is updated for clarity.


Training and Onboarding add-on

Process Reference numbers are displayed for units and competencies.

Resolved Issues

  • Process editor: any edits to activities, tasks, notes, or web links are saved even if a user does not click the check mark icon and deletes the next task before saving the process.
  • User hierarchy changes are updated.
  • Users without permissions cannot view restricted groups.
  • Feedback reports are displayed only for users with viewing permissions.
  • Process changes for activity roles in the Risk add-on are saved.
  • Colour changes in the Admin | Risks | Scores & Escalations configuration are saved.
  • Addressed for Governance dashboard performance issues.
  • Stakeholder user changes are updated and do not display process save errors.

  • Deleted users are not displayed in the Stakeholders list.

Release Notes and Resolved Issues pre 4.5.11 


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