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Nintex Promapp - Release Notes

Release v4.7.0 - December 2019


Improvements Add-on Reporting API is now available

We’ve added a reporting API which opens up the data from the Improvements Add-on to custom queries, giving you access to all of that information in a format that can be managed according to your business needs. From this tool, custom reports can be configured and managed using familiar third-party tools such as Microsoft Excel and Power BI, providing clear, detailed reports on the metrics that you want.

Available Resources:

To get started, please contact our support team. They'll enable the feature and they can talk you through the next steps as it takes a little time for the data to become available once this service is enabled.


Improved reporting for process time frames and costs

We have made the following changes to the available reports:

  • We've split the report into 2 separate reports for time and cost - Process Cost Savings Report and Process Time Savings Report.
  • Wait times has been included in the Process Time Savings Report.


Workflow Generator Updates 

  • The authorised integration user and the user who requests automation in Nintex Promapp will receive email notifications when the workflow is created in Nintex Workflow Cloud.
  • Workflow actions in Nintex Promapp are displayed in the same order as the connected Nintex Workflow Cloud tenant.
  • The Help link navigates directly to the Automation help page.


Resolved Issues

  • Training notifications are not cleared for deleted users.
  • Linked images without thumbnails are displayed on the right and not inline with the text. 
  • On a printed process, the Last Edited date is displayed as the process reviewed date when there are no edit changes done as part of the review. 
  • The out-of-date process count displayed on the Governance page and Process Review Dates report are different.
  • Document name/ version updates are not displayed in process edit view. 
  • Improvements Add-on: Changes made to the Select List (Single Choice) field are not saved. 
  • Issues resolved in
    • Process links added in notes are not displayed for published processes.
    • Navigating to an embedded process map view does not display the map.
    • The Include Unpublished Content check box is not displayed in Search Results.



Release v4.6.2 - November 2019


Faster process loading times

  • Viewing a process is now faster with process procedure text loaded and shown prior to loading all the documents and images.


Resolved Issues

  • Change logs are displayed correctly for process versions when you transfer ownership rights from the Admin > Users > Manage Users page.
  • Users cannot access deleted incidents from the change log of a linked process.
  • Incorrect workflow deleted email notifications will not be generated.
  • The Admin > Users > Manage Users page search does not return search results.



Release v4.6.1 - October 2019


New Help menu links

You can easily configure and access the followiHelp_menu.pngng options from the Help menu.

  • Show/Hide Support chat
  • Nintex Community
  • What's New



Announcements & Nintex Community

  • Release announcements, maintenance updates, and other information will now be available from the Help > What's New link. It will be displayed in a panel on the right where you can see multiple posts, search for specific information or filter based on the category. If you've limited who gets notified of announcements, this configuration still applies with the new mechanism.



  • We have added links to Nintex Community in the Help menu and on the home page so you can easily access resources for information and collaboration directly from Nintex Promapp.

Updates to process viewing trends

With more people sharing process content we've made sure you are getting an accurate picture of who's viewing your processes.

  • Governance dashboard include views from shared 'minimode' processes.
  • Process Hit reports have been renamed to ‘Process Views’, and 'Process Views By User'.
  • Process View reports includes an anonymous user view count to indicate how many views are from shared content.

Exported reports include the minimode URL
The following reports have been updated to include the minimode URL when exported to CSV/Excel.

  • Process Changes Not Yet Viewed (by process)

  • Process Changes Not yet Viewed (by user)

  • Process Review Dates

  • Process Improvements/Feedback

  • Process Improvements/Feedback (detail)

  • Process Improvements/Feedback (requiring a response)

More efficient tag re-indexing

Re-indexing of lean and system tags has been made more intelligent so that it only re-indexes when necessary i.e. when a tag changes. Tags will continue to be added when you make changes to the process and save. 

Resolved Issues

  • Users being unable to print a group of processes when automation features are enabled.
  • Process feedback reports including feedback from archived process variants, causing a mismatch between feedback totals in the governance dashboard and the reports.
  • Changes to system tags can’t be saved due to a time out. This has been resolved by moving all re-indexing to a background job independent of the saving of changes.
  • Support chat not displaying correctly in Internet Explorer 11.
  • Navigating to and loading of the Admin > Viewing Permissions times out. The loading time has been significantly improved.
  • User welcome email has the correctly formatted site link and the "www" prefix is supported should it be included.
  • Changes are not tagged with [Change not broadcast] on the My Changes dashboard.
  • Date filters in improvement and risk registers not correctly applying after selecting a date.
  • Fixed an issue where training units completed via an induction would sometimes still have a notification generated for them.
  • [Patched - September 8, 2019] Documents with the type of 'Form' (or renamed from 'Form') can now be edited or deleted correctly when editing a process. The correct layout for this type of document has also been applied.
  • [Patched - September 16, 2019] Process Improvements/Feedback reports not correctly filtering by groups.



Release v4.6.0.11 - September 2019


Introducing Workflow Generator & Associations

Nintex Promapp now integrates the power of Nintex’s world class automation tools with its best in market process management tool.

Bring process experts and technical specialists together for effective automation outcomes and enable your teams to utilise powerful automation solutions without the traditional technical hurdles.

With this new feature you can
• Easily bring workflows into your processes
• Clearly see automation at work
• Simplify the journey to automation for process owners and IT teams

Get started by learning more about workflows or connect your existing Nintex Workflow Cloud tenant in the Integration configuration section.



Release v4.6.0 - August 2019


Faster search results: We’ve changed the way we store unpublished process changes and search on them. If you’ve got a few unpublished changes then global search should search and return them more efficiently. 

Note: This update won’t affect any of the versioning for your processes, if the process was version 1.1 it will still be after this update.


Additional data for easy correlation in the Process List report: Additional data (columns) have been added when you export the Process List report so you can easily see the ones that have been added as shortcuts in other groups.

The export now contains the following additional columns for a process:

  • Created Date
  • Short Cut: Yes or No value
  • Group Name: Name of the process group where the process shortcut is included
  • Group Path: Process group path where the process shortcut is included
  • Source Group: Name of the process group where the process is created
  • Source Group Path: Process group path where the process is created
  • Minimode URL

Note: Short Cut and Source Group columns will be included only if the Exclude Shortcut Processes check box is not selected. The on-screen/PDF version of the report will not display these columns.


Reduced default period for reports: The default date range for the following reports is now set to one day to minimize the loading time for the initial report.

  • Process Hits
  • Process Hits By User
  • Process Improvements/Feedback (detail)
  • Process Change Log
  • Process Time Cost Saving Report


Process Variant Management Add-on

Trigger, input, output, and target support: Changes you make to a trigger, input, output, or target in a standard process are now updated in any variants and kept in sync. If you make specific changes to the trigger, input, output, or target in a variant, then this link will be broken. Any subsequent changes to the standard process will not be applied for the updated variant.

Note: Only triggers, inputs, outputs, and targets added to a standard process following this release will be propagated to the variants. The existing content will remain unlinked.

Resolved Issues

  • Users no longer see the edit option against documents in the search results which they do not have rights to edit.
  • An issue where some images could not be expanded in Processes where there are three or more consecutive notes/web links around them has been resolved and images can now be expanded as expected.
  • YouTube links for help videos have been updated.
  • Reintroduced linked documents and web links from unpublished processes in the Linked Documents and Web Links report.



Release v4.5.11 - August 2019

Process Editor

We have updated the Process | Edit | Summary | Display Type field options for more clarity as follows:

  • Normal -> Map and procedure
  • Text Mode -> Procedure only
  • Policy -> Policy
  • Map Replaced With Image -> Image and procedure



You can now see the Process display mode (procedure only or policy), in the full search results as a process name suffix.


Web Links

  • Invalid web links error message displays when you add the link and click check_mark.pnginstead of only when you save the process.
  • The Admin config URL setting label is updated for clarity.


Training and Onboarding add-on

Process Reference numbers are displayed for units and competencies.

Resolved Issues

  • Process editor: any edits to activities, tasks, notes, or web links are saved even if a user does not click check_mark.pngand deletes the next task before saving the process.
  • User hierarchy changes are updated.
  • Users without permissions cannot view restricted groups.
  • Feedback reports are displayed only for users with viewing permissions.
  • Process changes for activity roles in the Risk add-on are saved.
  • Colour changes in the Admin | Risks | Scores & Escalations configuration are saved.
  • Addressed for Governance dashboard performance issues.
  • Stakeholder user changes are updated and do not display process save errors.

  • Deleted users are not displayed in the Stakeholders list.


Release Notes and Resolved Issues pre 4.5.11 


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