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Nintex Newbie

Re: Why is Nintex Admin Certificate Practice Test Not representative of the Real Cert.

hi guys, 

Yesterday, I tried Nintex Admin test and I did not mange to pass exam.

 I did well in the database design but did not well in Admin, config, LazyApproval etc. At least I get an idea the type of questions asked in real test. 

I did refer to resources prescribed on Nintex Admin  Certificate.   

Questions related performance related such as issues on slow workflows, workflow work well on stating but slow on production, enable maximum loop threshold settings, Workflow constants were the questions which I did not prepare.

Did have some share more articles  on those topics?

Thank you!  

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Nintex Newbie

Re: Why is Nintex Admin Certificate Practice Test Not representative of the Real Cert.

Hi all,


Finally, I pass my Nintex Workflow Admin Certificate and scored 251 on 04 Feb 2017. I started learning Nintex products last Nov 2016 and started preparing for last week of Dec 2016. I tried my first attempt and was unsuccessful with score of 138 out of 300 in Jan 2017. The passing score is 180.

I asked a lot of questions from Nintex community about how to pass this exam.  suggested to take the full exam, sense the kind of questions and then retake it again. I followed his instructions. I am working on SharePoint online and number of questions are not exactly the exam is looking for. However, after studying for exam I am able understand the basic concepts such as LazyApproval, Installation of Nintex forms and workflow, NW Admin tool concepts, backup and restore etc.

Some Nintex Admin Certificate takeaways:

  • Exam is for 60 minutes and 30 questions are asked
  • Most of topics are covered in exam syllabus. 4-5 questions are not covered though. You can perform a google search to find out answers. But take note of time. In my first attempt I was short of time.
  • Understand the LazyApproval, NW Admin tool, Installation of Nintex products, workflow performance, and Database design thoroughly.  
  • I made my own notes and checked all the questions that I could not answer in my first attempt. It really worked.
  • At this point of time, there are no videos dedicated for preparing for Nintex Workflow Admin certification. May be Nintex team can provide them in future.

Now, time to study for Nintex Workflow Pro certificate.

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