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Document Peer Review

I am hoping to set up a document peer review process that assigns tasks to multiple people to provide comments. I want it so that everyone can respond but if people ignore the task, the workflow just moves on to another level of approval.

My base requirements are =

1) Tasks are assigned to multiple people that have been identified in a single PeoplePicker column.

2) The people receive an email notification of the task, click on the link to respond and then can add comments or just complete the task with no comments.

3) The task does not need to have any outcomes, but its ok if approve/reject outcomes existed. I DO NOT want the response to be via a "Content Type" as content type forms are not end user friendly, and would require scripts to simplify  as I do not want the "Select Content Type" menu option to be visible.

4) I want the workflow to continue to the next action at a set date or after a set duration. I want this to occur regardless of responses to tasks. In other words the action should move on even if all, some, or NO responses were received.

I am not sure if there is a good way to do this as requirement 4 seems to be the most difficult. I have tried the below methods but they all have their own problems.

Method 1) "Assign to-do task" action is almost exactly what I need as it has a "All Must Respond" and I can set up an escalation. But it requires a content type that is against requirement #3

Method 2) "FlexiTask" action could work with an escalation to end the task. The problem is that no behavior option exists to  allow everyone to respond.  Example: "All must agree" (and the others) would result in the tasks looping back and forth to everyone until they all agree, or majority decides, etc.

Method 3) "Request approval" would be perfect but there is no option for escalation.

The only way I think I can get what I want is to have 50 peoplepicker columns in my list that only allow 1 person to be selected in each column. Then I would have a "run parallel actions" set with 50 branches. Each branch would have a "set a condition" to ask if the field is empty or contains data. If it contained data it would then execute a FlexiTask for that one person. The behavior would not matter (but I would select "First response applies") I could then set the escalation to complete the task after a set number of days.

Any advice?

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