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Calculated Value fields and Workflows

I have a lookup list that I use to look up values that could change, i.e. when an approver leaves the company. I have a 'Calculated Value' field...

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How can I make attachments required if a particula...

I have very little JS knowledge. I can follow some, but am lost with most. So I've read a similar question, only rather than a checkbox, the ex...

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Last modified date hasn't changed in X days - ...

As with everything Nintex, there's probably five ways to do this, what's the best? I have a list with lots of items, and lots of flows running...

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links in a flexi task notification

I have an approval workflow on a list. My client wants to create their approval and also, be able to prioritize the item they just approved. I ...

  • By kentara
  • October 24, 2017  09:18
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Form creating two of the same Issue ID

I have a list called an "Issue Log" that users fill out a form to log new issues with. I have a field in the form called Issue ID that is connect...

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Pause action hanging

I am a novice Nintex user. I have created a workflow which pauses for 1 minute. However, it is now stopping at this action and has done so for ...

  • By voicer
  • October 23, 2017  23:50
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Multiple notifications sent instead of a single no...

Hello all, I will try to explain my problem with the aid of the snags below, the actions above are working properly, the request is submitte...

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We currently haveSharePoint 2010 and Nintex workfl...

We currently have SharePoint 2010 and Nintex workflow 2.3.14. Can I use the nintex workflow to copy documents from SharePoint to BOX? Does this n...

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Create an element in another site : field value [n...

I'm using the "Create an element in another site" action in a Nintex workflow. I'm trying to copy every field of an element in another list. T...

  • By simbel
  • October 23, 2017  12:39
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how to capture field description as a variable

Hi, When a new Item is created, i would like to send an email with all the field labels and values. Also, I would like to add field descriptio...

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How to have Custom CSS show up on Print to PDF

Hello Community, We have created a form on a list that has custom CSS for labels, rich text, and choices. When we print to PDF non of the cus...

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running a report for alerts

Hello! This might not be the right community to pose this question but it's the only SP community that I am aware of so I'm hoping someone can he...

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