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Workflow - Request Approval - Action ID

I have created a document approval workflow using the State Machine and am now trying to add reminder alerts using Task Reminder, but need an Action ID. I see the location where the Action ID should be located under the Request Approval, but do not have the ability to enter an Action ID. Can anyone walk me through the process of adding/getting an Action ID?

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Re: Workflow - Request Approval - Action ID

Hello Christi Simmons‌,

Instead of using the Request Approval, have you tried using the Assign Flexi Task? It might be something to look into what you are trying to achieve. There is a Reminder button in the GENERAL tab when you configure this workflow action.


Not to say that your approach cannot work. To setup Task Reminders based on Request Approval:

Create a Workflow Variable.

Setup a Run parallel actions, Request approval (in one branch), and a Task reminder (in the second branch)

In the Request Approval, store action ID in the created Workflow Variable. (my example is aidToDoTask)

In the Task Reminder, define Action ID as the created Workflow Variable.

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