Using File commands in Nintex Workflows

I need to create a workflow for revising documents.  The documents are not stored in a library, rather they are on a list linked to a local server. I need to copy and move the files to an edit folder so the original file can be used while the revised file is being edited, reviewed, and approved.  Can I call File commands (Copy, Move, Browse, Save As, etc.) from Nintex?  Any help is very much appreciated.

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Re: Using File commands in Nintex Workflows

Hi Randall,

there are some file commands available in nintex but afaik they only work for files in sharepoint. The only possibility i see to achieve this is to implement a web service which performs the required operations. You can then call this web service from inside your nintex workflow and provide some parameters to let it run dynamically.

However, this requires some programming effort.

Would love to hear if someone else has other/better ideas.



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