Trigger workflow based on the number of elapsed days

I have a SP list of staff names, employee number and a date they went on leave. I'm trying to create a workflow which will look at this list once a day and, if the date the employee went on leave is 24 days or greater than the current day, collect the staff name, employee number and the date they went on leave then send a person an email.


I'm runninging into problems on how the workflow calculates the difference between dates, how is it stored and how that date difference triggers the workflow.




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Re: Trigger workflow based on the number of elapsed days

Hi Andrew,

I would suggest creating two workflows, one site workflow that runs daily to check the number of days an employee is on leave and a list workflow that manages the e-mail sent to the person.

The site workflow, which runs daily, checks the list of Employees on leave. If the date on leave exceeds the 24 days, the list workflow will be started to send the e-mail.
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