Nintex for Sharepoint 2013 - Dropdown Box Not Saving Changes

Hello - this is probably something easy to fix, but I've spent a couple of hours and can't figure it out.  I'm hoping someone here can help.  🙂


I have a Nintex list in Sharepoint 2013.  In that list, I have an entry that has a yes/no drop down box.  I can see and edit the field, but when I hit save, the field reverts back to the default value of "no".  Is there a rule or something that needs to be added so that this field can be updated?


I'm not sure if it will matter - but this field is a field that is hidden from users who are not in a defined group (using fn-IsMemberOfGroup function).


I appreciate any insight!

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Re: Nintex for Sharepoint 2013 - Dropdown Box Not Saving Changes

@kristy0408 based on your description, can you please check a few things?


  1. What's the default value of the column? In List Settings --> Under Columns
  2. On the form, is the drop-down connected to the list column?
  3. Check the drop-down control's settings to see if something is setting the value to "No"
  4. Are there any calculated controls on the form which is setting up the value to "No"?
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