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Nintex Sharepoint repeating section will not populate on excel

I've been stuck on this issue the past 2 days and i need some help, I'm trying to populate repeating section data from nintex to sharepoint and also capture it on excel. Sharepoint only captures the first list and I get a error data in the RepeatingSection. Has anyone had Repeating Section Error.PNG

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Re: Nintex Sharepoint repeating section will not populate on excel

I'm not sure what you are currently doing. But a couple of things. In this case effectively Nintex is SharePoint. Connect your repating section to a plain text multiline column in your list and you will be able to see the data there.

Next thing...SharePoint is not a database, therefore there is no relational one to many set up for your repeater items, so it is not going to be straightforward to show that data in excel.

If you connect your repeater as described above you will see that the repeating section is just a chunk of xml, and it is stored on one field in the list. Really to process that data you need to use workflow. You can use For Each loop / Query XML to iterate through the rows of your repeater data. However you will still need to write them somewhere and pull all this back together later in your Excel file.

You could also try turning the repeater into HTML again using Query XML. We do this sometimes for list views / to display on forms but I'm not sure about Excel.
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