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List from, when used as a Page Webpart, incorrectly formats attachments list

I have a Nintex Form (ver. 2016) that I have set up on a completely non-fancy SharePoint (2016) list.

On the landing Home Page of the site, I have the form being displayed as a Web Part. I can submit things fine to the form, however, if I upload an attachment using the Web Part form, it will format the ending attachment file (in the attachment table) with a comma followed by whitespace. 

If click on the list item and copy the text of the link, when pasted into an editor will show something like "testFile.png,Delete". 

I have included a few pictures to show exactly what behavior I'm seeing. I have tried several different attachment files from various sources, and the results are the same. 

Can anybody else reproduce this problem (or tell me how I can fix it)? 

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