Launch Outlook Email from SharePoint List

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Hi, is it possible to

1) create a contact list on SharePoint, with various metadata columns

2) have a button\function which uses Nintex to read the list, and

      2.1) Launch a new email in Outlook

     2.2) Pre-populate the recipients from the Outlook list

   2.3) the user can then create their email as required.

We have various groups and committees which have a large contact list in SharePoint. This list is managed outside of I.T. We are hoping to mail-enable this, rather than go through an exhaustive process of creating Distribution Lists in exchange. By adopting the SharePoint approach, we can ensure the management and ownership is kept within the correct department.


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Re: Launch Outlook Email from SharePoint List

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Hi Carl,

What I've done for one project is to include a mailto link (<a> HTML tag) which prefills the (Outlook) message with recipient and subject. Maybe you could indeed use a workflow sending an email to the person who needs to send the actual email with a similar link with recipients and subject (and part of message body). If that user clicks the link and Outlook is the primary mail client, it will open a new Outlook message window. For example:

<a href=" notification on: {ItemProperty:Title}">click here to create message</a>

Here needs to be replaced with the semicolon separated list of recipients (use their email address) from your SharePoint list. You can also add query string parameters for cc, bcc and bcc.

Admitted, you'll be using an additional email to create the actual email.

Edit: Or if you're using a Nintex Form, you could add a Calculated Field that constructs the link on the form based on values of other controls on the form... This I used only in its basic form (only mailto) on a Nintex Live Form confirmation page.

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