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Copying documents based on column values


I have a document library that consists of multiple document sets. What I'm looking to do is to query the whole library, filter out the documents that don't belong to a certain document set (this part is easy, I'm using the date field in the document set!) and then based on a column called 'Audience' (With 2 choices, A and B) I'm looking to filter only those that belong to "A" and copy them to a network location. 

My guess is that I have to query the list in some way, but I'm unable to get multiple documents added to a variable that then copies all relevant documents to the network location. 

Any assistance on this would be great!

Thank you!

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Re: Copying documents based on column values

I am looking to do this very same thing! When I run the query it only picks up the first document and not all the documents that I set the filer for. Help!
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