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Community News - January 22, 2016

Weekly Community News - January 22, 2016

Hello, everyone!  This week, we have product release news, a deadline for InspireX a new Document Generation blog post and some new unanswered questions. Read on!

New Product News

We added new features to several Nintex products this month!  One of the most anticipated features is the Print to PDF feature we added to Nintex Forms! The blog The Paper-less Office Is Alive and Well Thanks to Print to PDF​ by Brad Orluk​ takes you through the feature.

But we also updated Nintex Workflow, Nintex Mobile and Nintex Mobile Enterprise!

Read more in the January release here: What's New From Nintex! January 2016 Release



Don't miss your chance to get the best pricing on the InspireX conference!  It's only a month away!

Early bird pricing ends January 26th, so register now!

You'll want to use the new Dynamic Agenda that we released, too.  It's the perfect way to keep track of the events at InspireX AND provide feedback on all the sessions. You'll be hearing a lot of reminders to use it during InspireX, so check it out now. Find out more here: Early Bird Registration Ending, Dynamic Agenda Beginning

Cool Community Content

The Nintex Learning Center


There's always something news in the Nintex Learning Center!

We recently added Nintex Drawloop Document Generation, sales and technical training.

You'll find additional resources for learning how to use Nintex products, including training material and the ability to earn Nintex certifications.

If you're not signed up visit here: The Nintex Learning Center, to find how.

Unanswered Questions

Gururaj Radhakrishna​ gets a funny error with a workflow request. Can you help him here:  Nintex Workflow Web Request in Office 365

Michael Boggs​ wants to be able to lookup information from a list on another site collection, in order to update a list item in the site running the workflow. Can you assist here: Set a WF variable based on data in a list on another site collection?

Gerard Hyland wants to know if he can use NWADMIN option for Workflow in Office 365? 

Aaron Webb​ wonders if there a way he can succeed at Hiding things in a workflow email like you do an a form ?

Thank you for those of you who're answering questions, it's a big help! And if you ask a question and get a reply, remember to select a "correct answer!" That helps others who use the search tool to find correct answers. 

Have a great weekend, everyone!


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