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Nintex Reporting

Hi All, 


We have a customer requirements and they want have following requirements:


  1. Nintex Reporting: They want to see how many workflows are pending, approved overdue report for approver with status can be viewed from the management perspective in SharePoint.

    They also want to export those report in Excel within SharePoint. I know Nintex Hawkeye can be used but unfortunately its available only on On-Premises at the moment.

  2. Save this saves excel report within SharePoint Online Audit purposes.

    Q: What reporting could I use to generate these reports?
    Q: Collate all the workflow history ( and display within an app?

    Found a blogpost which shows Workflow Status as PowerShell Script


Any suggestion would be highly appreciated.  


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Automation Master
Automation Master

Re: Nintex Reporting

Yeah.. Such feature would be extremely useful.. I can see that Workflow Dashboard is under review on Nintex Uservoice:

I have no idea however what the result of the review is going to be as well as the shape of such functionality in O365.

I guess currently you need custom coding to deliver that sort of functionality.



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