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I'm learning how to use Nintex and I've tried to find solution for this one problem. Is it possible to modify form in the middle of the workflow? For example: user submits the form -> Manager doesn't approve it, she wants that user makes some changes -> how can user open that original form again and update the information? Or manager needs to fill in her hidden fields in the form, how she gets to see that original form?

I'm using Nintex Workflow cloud and I'm going to store data in SQL (not yet set up).

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Hi Katariina,

While you may be able to update the data values in a more roundabout way, at present there's no way to re-open a form for changes in workflow cloud.

We're aware of the requirement for this functionality and a feature that sounds like it may closely fit your requirement, 'task forms', is currently in-development. I can't speak for any final capabilities of the action as it is still in-development but if you'd like to keep up-to-date on it you can follow the release on the Nintex roadmap:
Nintex Product Roadmap  (will need to scroll down the page a little)



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