Get sort values when user clicked listview header


I have a listview that shows list of data when a button named "Search" clicked. Near that button i have another button named "Export" that will navigate to an SSRS report url and show list of data exactly the same with the data in the listview. 

The question is, some time user clicked the listview header to sort the data, and when they clicked export, as expected the report does not have the same sort order with the listview.

Im thinking to get the sort order value as a parameter to the report url, but i dont know how to get sort order value from listview. 

Is there any action or maybe event to get sort order value from a listview?



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Re: Get sort values when user clicked listview header

Hey KAG,


Unfortunately, there is no out of the box way to get this done, but if you want I can provide you some steps on how you can achieve this with some JavaScript injection.





Re: Get sort values when user clicked listview header

Hi Kag,


Just to confirm, are using a K2 blackpearl version (4.7 and below)? if yes We dont have this feature yet in the K2 Version that you currently have


But this is already shipped in the later versions of K2 like version 5.3,
This can be found when you are using the "Export Lists to Excel function".
Kindly checkout the link below for more details. This information is under the "Considerations"




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