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Updating Workflow and Forms for SharePoint On-Premises

Before You Start

  • Plan to update outside of business hours. The Nintex Installer will execute an IIS reset and restart the SharePoint Timer Service across all SharePoint servers.

  • A minimum Support Entitlement of Software Assurance to receive the latest Nintex installers.

  • Nintex Installers can be found at under ‘Product Releases’.

    • Note: Nintex only offers ‘International’ installers.

  • Reverting to a previous version of Nintex Workflow and Forms is not supported. This is due to changes made to the schema in Nintex Databases.

  • Custom CSS or JavaScript on Nintex Forms may change in behavior following a Nintex Forms update.

  • Refer to the Release Notes:


Update Steps

  1. Log in to your SharePoint server with the Farm Administrator account. This account is defined by Microsoft here:

  2. Optional: Stop Nintex Services to prevent installation conflicts. Navigate to the start menu > Services > locate any ‘Nintex’ services and select 'Stop'.

  3. Run the installer. The runtime for the installer varies between environments and is difficult to predict. If there are any concerns with the amount of time the installer is taking, please see the links below.

  4. Ensure that the Nintex solutions are deployed and no solution is in an 'Error' state. This page is located under Central Administration > System Settings > Manage Farm Solutions.

  5. Ensure that Nintex Services are running again in Services.msc (if applicable).

  6. Update Nintex Workflow Databases by navigating to Central Administration > Nintex Workflow Management (or Nintex Administration for SharePoint 2016+) > Database Management. If a database update is needed, an 'Update database' link will appear on this page.

Additional Information

If the installer taking a very long time to run, you may see a significant improvement in solution deployment time by clearing the SharePoint Configuration Cache as explained in the following article:


Clearing SharePoint Configuration Cache


If any Nintex solutions in an 'Error' state after the installation is complete, please review the following article:


Nintex solutions in an 'Error' state after installation

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