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Nintex for Office 365 - Part 4 - Working With Forms

Part 1 - Overview  Part 2 - Installing the Apps  Part 3 - Building Your First Workflow  Part 4 - Working With Forms  Part 5 - Additional Resources

Prepare for Success

You must have at least the following permissions to complete this step:

  • Full Control on the List
  • Contribute on the Site
  • Read on the Site Collection


For more information, see Understanding Permission Levels in SharePoint.


Making a Simple Form

Let’s build a Nintex Form which sits on and populates a SharePoint list. We’re going to create a Customer Evidence Nomination Submission form.


You will need to create a custom SharePoint list for this form to sit on with the following fields:

  • Account Management Name: Single line of text
  • Company Name: Single line of text
  • Products: Choice – Checkbox, with the following fields: 
    • Nintex Forms for Office 365
    • Nintex Workflow for Office 365
    • Nintex Live
    • Nintex Mobile
  • Additional Details: Multiple lines of text
  • Type of Customer Evidence: Choice – Checkbox, with the following fields:
    • Case studies
    • Videos
    • Testimonials
    • Infographics
    • Customer to Customer Reference


Open Nintex Forms

Once you have created this list, open Nintex Forms.

To open Nintex Forms

  • Click on the List tab and select Nintex Forms in the Ribbon.



Update the label control titles

The Nintex Forms designer opens with all the fields in the SharePoint list already laid out. Change the labels for “Products” and “Attachments”. To do this, you don’t need to open the control settings, you can change the text in the Settings section of the Properties pane on the right-hand side of the screen.


To change labels:

  1.  Click on the Products label, and in the Text field type: Which products?



  1. Click on the Attachments labeland in the Text field type: Attach customer evidence here

You may notice you can’t see all the options in the Products and Type of Customer Evidence fields, this isn’t a problem, as the controls will automatically expand in Runtime.



  1. Click on the Preview button in the Ribbon and then Generate Preview to see how the form will look.


And your Nintex Form is complete!


Publish the Form

To publish the form:

  • From the Ribbon, click Publish. 



To see the form in action

  • Click on New Item in the SharePoint list you created.



Tip: Close the Nintex Form designer and navigate to the list to use the form.


Check for Success

  • Were you able to publish your first form with the Nintex Forms designer?
  • Were you able to open the form and submit the item to the list?



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