Migrating Lotus Notes Databases to SharePoint

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Still using Lotus Notes? Interested in Migrating to SharePoint? Watch my () interview with Brad Orluk to learn more about why companies are wanting to migrate away from Lotus Notes, obstacles in migrating form Lotus Notes, tools to help migrate, and so much more..

Video Link : 1298

Nintex Employee
Nintex Employee

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Great clip!  

First step : "Sometimes you have to say "no" to the business", perfectly stated.

Process Pupil

Thanks Jesse McHargue‌! Hope you enjoyed it as much as Dean Virag‌ and I had putting it together.  

Agreed. While it may sound harsh, some IT  "successes" like Notes DB's which were easy for the business to go crazy building they need to be told to stop building those databases, period, as there is a better way to do it (e.g. things built w/ Nintex in SP, etc.) now.