Are you looking for help to migrate your local Nintex installation to Nintex For Office 365?

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We know that the path from an on premise installation to an Office 365 integration can be daunting.


We’ve recently partnered up with Sharegate, who are our recommended partner for migrating Nintex Workflow and Nintex Forms to Office 365. These guys have a great tool, which will be able to move you over with little disruptions to your current environment.


Also, we and your fellow Nintex users are here to help; there are a number of conversations within the community on migrating. So when you’re ready to migrate to Nintex for Office 365, we have a few tips to do just that!


At the moment (May 2015) we have limited support for migrations to Nintex for Office 365, but in the coming months, around June for those wanting to do it now ;), Sharegate will have full migration support for all available Office 365 actions. And as new actions become available, Sharegate will support those too!


Be sure to keep an eye out. We have a press release here that explains the partnership in more detail and you can watch a short video on Nintex and Sharegate - Migrate Nintex Workflows. If you have any questions, please contact to talk to the Sharegate team about the migration tool for Nintex.


If you’re a Nintex partner and are interested in being a Sharegate reseller you can sign up to Sharegate’s partner program.


Exciting times for all Nintex users!

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Thanks Emiliy! Sooooo, this is July... What is the latest news on migrating workflows from on-prem to online?

I may have missed something, but I'd love to know if and how we would be able to migrate workflows that currently live in SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint Online. From what I've understood, that is not easy, because it works with a different workflow engine. Will the Sharegate migration tool allow us to perform such a migration now? Or soon?

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Hey Frederique,

Yes, you can already migrate to SP online with Sharegate, the only limitation is the number of actions supported at the moment. The supported actions are:

  • Assign flexi task
  • Change State
  • Create item
  • End Workflow
  • Run parallel actions
  • State Machine
  • Twitter tweet
  • Yammer message

Sharegate will adding 14 more actions in the next week or so, and then continuing to add more and more actions each month. Sharegate post each time there is a release on their blog Sharegate's SharePoint Blog | Sharegate.​ And you can access their release notes here. To talk to the Sharegate team directly about your needs, please contact



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Can you please direct me to a documentation that shows a comparison between the current available actions in Office 365 vs the on premi (2010/2013). We're migrating soon to O365 and I'm afraid a lot of the actions that we have already spent a lot of time developing wouldn't be available. I'd love to see if there is at least an estimated date when the missing actions would be available. I've looked up the community but couldn't find what I'm looking for.

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Hi ‌,

This page will provide you with useful info.




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Perfect. Thanks a lot.

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