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Nintex Runtime error handling

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Nintex do have custom actions  available to handle the runtime error in workflows actions and its often choose which one to use based on whether or not they have error handling, It looks  like 32 of the actions have error handling with around 90 not having error handling .

We can also write appropriate  custom error message for most of the available actions in the workflows and it  could be anything based on actions

  1. e.g 

  • Server is busy or not responding due to network issue
  • Unauthorized users  credential. 
  • Runtime execution error date not responding

Importantly Nintex does not have error handling capability available its limitation of Nintex workflow product.  But I would suggest you use “system defined error and action name “


Error details

Copy to file
  share  action

  • File cannot be
      copy because copy action not configured to missing variable name
  • Network name
      cannot be found." OR "Failed to copy item to a file share 

Users name and
  UAD action error

  • Multiple
      connections to a server or shared resource by the same user using more than
      one user name, are not allowed
  • Current credential
      being used by another resource

Convert a

  • Error converting
      document. Conversion jobs did not complete. 1 jobs failed. 0 jobs
  • Document
       conversion action not configured
  • Variable value
      null or missing

Inline Function

  • Error retrieving
      context data. Error executing inline function.
  • Check that the
      correct arguments have been passed to the function”


  • System.Transactions.TransactionException:
      The operation is not valid for the state of the transaction
  • Network does not
      response connection error

We are expecting Nintex  product team will  come up with details perty soon for delivering such a great product and we are hoping Nintex will resolve  all bugs and limitations. and improve improved vesrion soon.