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February Mission - Talkin' 'bout Doc G-G-G-Generation...

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We revealed our Nintex Drawloop Document Generation​ space a couple of months ago, and a product update in January. And now we want you, our community, to show us how you use it!


Nintex Drawloop Document Generation, for those not familiar, automates the process of document creation. It allows you to use data that already sits in Salesforce and automates the process of creating things like proposals, quotes, contracts, renewals and licensing agreements.  So this month, we'd love you to "show us your documents!"

Not a product customer? No worries, you can still take part.  Read on.

Screenshot (1).pngThe Mission:

This contest will reward you with points in four ways (actually, five, but I'll get to that)...

1.  50 points:

For posting a blog with an image of a document you created in Doc Gen in the Nintex Gallery​.

2.  50 points:

For describing what business scenario the document was for and what features you used, (examples: Insert-Update, Forms, e-Signature, O365).

3.  25 points:

For describing what the the most common document used in your business that you would like to automate (even if it's not the one you submit for this mission).

4.  25 points:

For describing the impact the document automation process had on your business. (Saved time? Improved accuracy of company information?)

Wild Card!:  Bonus 50 points if you describe the problem you had and how the automation process solved it!  That's just two extra sentences! I'm going to be a stickler on this one, but it'll be fairly easy to get 75 points total here: 25 for describing the problem. 25 for how the automation process solved it. 25 for describing the impact this had on your entity.  You can do it!

That's a whopping 200 points available, just for posting a blog in the Nintex Gallery to tell us about a document you probably already have anyway. Easy peasy.

What's the fifth way to earn? If you're not a Nintex Drawloop Document Generation user, you can still earn 50 points this month!

Simply post a comment below describing what document you WOULD automate, and for what business scenario if you used Nintex Drawloop Document Generation.  I'll award points in one spot, not both, so if you post a blog, you won't get 50 more for commenting here.


At the end of the month, I'll create a poll asking for your votes on who submitted the best document blog.

So, the winner can earn a total of 200 points, and everyone else can earn at least 50!


Just head to the Nintex Gallery​ and click the "actions" tab as pictured below.


You'll see the option to blog. Just fill in the blanks, add your image and be on your way to earning points!

UPDATE February 4, 2016:

I have added 100 points to the winners of January's mission: January Mission - Start The Year With A Bang!

I was going to award the top ten, but the top 15 were bunched up pretty closely in points with a drop off after 15. So, you're welcome!

Thanks for starting off the community with a bang, folks!  You are already really racking up the points!

Pierre Fudala

Andrew Glasser

Fernando Hunth

Vadim Tabakman

Aaron Labiosa

Giacomo Gelosi

Dan Stoll

Henning Eiben

Lisa Byrd

Eric Harris

Caroline Jung

Jan Eyres

Philipp Lucas

Tom Castiglia

Barry Anderson

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Automation Master
Automation Master

From my experience, but maybe it is already possible in Salesforce, it must be the ability to create a quote with

- Contact information

- List of ordered products

- Signature of the Sales person

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Would love to see you blog about it in the Nintex Gallery​, Christophe! :-)

Automation Master
Automation Master

But do I need a Salesforce account?

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Well, that is a good point, I assumed you'd have access to that some way since you're a partner. Sorry. It would take some effort, but you can do a trial of both SF and Doc Gen for the full slate of points! :-)

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Thank you! A bit verbose, but I wanted to give everyone a shot.  Blog in the Nintex Gallery​, Fernando! :-)

Nintex Newbie
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Sweet.  Thanks, Dan!

Automation Master
Automation Master

I shall not reinvent the wheel as Salesforce proposes already this solution: Quotes