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Announcing the new Enterprise Editions for Nintex Forms and Nintex Mobile

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Nintex Mobile Enterprise Edition and Nintex Forms Enterprise Edition enable more sophisticated mobile apps and forms with custom-branding capabilities and data connectors to drive enriched end-user interactions and faster business results.

And on July 22nd both the Nintex Mobile Enterprise and Nintex Forms Enterprise editions will be available to you!

Nintex Mobile Enterprise gives customers the ability to custom brand up to five native apps through an intuitive web interface that builds deployable app packages in minutes. Nintex Mobile Enterprise will be available on both Nintex Mobile for SharePoint and Nintex Mobile for Office 365.

Nintex Forms Enterprise includes the ability to bring external database connectivity and web services to forms, and one custom-branded mobile application. You’ll also see in the coming months more features including PDF and print capabilities, forms inventory, and the ability to build multi page forms. Initially Nintex Forms Enterprise will be available for Nintex Forms 2013 and 2010, with Nintex Forms for Office 365 coming in a future release.

Watch the webinar!

Don't miss the webinar “Introducing Nintex Mobile Enterprise and Nintex Forms Enterprise" on the 5th August at 10am PST

We'll be talking about:

  • How to brand native mobile apps
  • Keep processes going, online or off, while filling out forms that include supporting photos, videos and other attachments
  • How to build more dynamic forms with data validations, conditional display areas, and custom formatting to support richer interactions

In the meantime, keep an eye out for the release announcement next week!

Automation Master
Automation Master

Love the new features that are arriving and awesome to see our team mentioned in the press release as well:  Nintex Launches New Customizable Enterprise Mobile Apps Integrating Workflows and Forms

Nintex Newbie

I am really wondering what new features it will bring. There must be quite some features in the pipeline before one decides to announce it will be its own 'enterprise' product. Can't wait for the webinar!

Nintex Newbie

Great! Sounds really interesting. Looking forward to seeing all the new features in action (especially data connectors – it’s not really comfortable connecting to web services in the current forms edition ;-))

Automation Master
Automation Master

Exactly, this makes it easy to fill a drop down with data returned from web services / or a direct SQL connection.   Good stuff.

Nintex Newbie

I hope that the Webservice Connection with Nintex Forms Enterprise will be easier than the webservice integration in Infopath. I'm looking forward the webinar.

Nintex Newbie

Very happy to read about these new Nintex products and excited about the possibilities. I have had my eye the ProSymmetry functionality but couldn't justify purchasing something that bolts onto something that bolts onto SharePoint (if you get my meaning). That said I am looking forward to some reference material for these products - perhaps something similar to the Nintex Workflow Edition Comparison.